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How to attract money

If you work hard and hard, but still live from paycheck to paycheck, and money stubbornly bypasses you, try to change the established course of events with the help of simple magic rituals. Making them, you absolutely do not risk anything, because they definitely will not bring harm to anyone, but a miracle will suddenly take and it will happen.

How to attract money to yourself

In order for money to finally fall in love with you, you can utter all sorts of conspiracies that attract money. You can easily find such conspiracies on numerous esoteric websites on the Internet.

In addition to reading the conspiracies, you should first of all reconsider your attitude towards money. They need to learn to respect. Get the money you have and see what state you have in it. If the notes are folded somehow in half or casually crumpled, you should not be surprised that money does not come to you. Carefully smooth out the bills, smooth out the folded corners, lay them at face value, collect the coins in a separate pile and remove all the money in your wallet.

By the way, a few words must be said at once about the wallet. In order to always carry money in it, you can not keep anything in your wallet. Money does not like "neighbors", so they are reluctant to live among old receipts, checks and photographs. If your wallet is worn out, then all finances will “flow away” through the hole. A wallet is a house in which, by definition, money must live. If money flatly refuses to settle in it, it is time for you to think about whether everything is in order with their house. Would you like to live in a dilapidated small house without all the amenities? Of course not! Therefore, it is worth trying to get rid of financial turmoil by replacing your old wallet with a new “magic” one.

We attract money to ourselves with a magic wallet

Going to the store for a new wallet, remember that you need not just a wallet, but a special “magic” wallet that attracts money. It’s not so difficult to buy such a wallet, you just need to know how to choose it:

  1. The wallet should be so big that it always has room for new money. Banknotes should feel free in it and fit freely in the wallet unrolled at full length, since it is generally accepted that banknotes bent in half will certainly cause problems with money.
  2. You need to buy a purse as expensive as possible, it is desirable that it be made of genuine leather, as a last resort, you can buy a good woven purse.
  3. The color for the magic wallet is also very important. According to the rules of feng shui attract money will be a purse of black or brown color, as well as all shades of yellow and gold.

The purchased wallet must be additionally “activated”, immediately putting a large coin into it. To increase its magical power in the wallet, you can put an acorn, a bean or a piece of dried root of ordinary horseradish.

Gems attracting money

Some gems, according to sorcerers and astrologers, are able to exert a special magical effect on the distribution of cash flows, thereby bringing wealth and success in business to their owners. Try it and you get such a valuable "assistant" and get yourself a stone - a talisman that attracts money. It can be worn as a pendant around the neck, inserted into the frame of the ring, or just to always keep it in your pocket.

The most powerful monetary amulets are made of citrine, chrysoprase and chrysoberyl, set in precious metal - gold or platinum.In addition, small statuettes made of jade or malachite, which need to be put on your desktop, will help you attract money.

Plants and flowers attracting money

Not only talismans and amulets have the ability to attract wealth. Some indoor plants also know how to attract money to the house. The most famous of them, of course, is the “money” tree. It is believed that with particular force attracts the money the tree that you grew with your own hands. But that's not all.

In order to become the owner of a super-power plant talisman, it is necessary to plant a young “money” tree during the growing moon, without fail in a pot of green color, at the bottom of which you should lay up eight coins of the same value with an eagle. After that, the tree must be carefully looked after so that, God forbid, it does not wither. The “money” tree will dry up - they will “wither” and all your affairs, then you will not see a lot of money.

In addition to the “money” tree, ordinary room geranium and cacti of all varieties will help to preserve and increase wealth.

Picture attracting money

Another newfangled way of attracting wealth is to concentrate for a long time looking at “specially energetically charged” money pictures.According to the authors of this method, while contemplating such pictures, you will tune in to a special “money” channel through which luck and wealth will flow to you.

It sounds a bit doubtful, although you can try, but only if you are offered to look at these pictures for free. Otherwise, it is likely that wealth will certainly rush, but not to you, but in a completely different direction.

Symbols of wealth

To attract money in the house, you can arrange the figures, symbolizing material wealth according to the teachings of Feng Shui. The most famous of them - the three-legged toad, holding a coin in his mouth and Hotei, a fat monk - a merry fellow with a bag of money in his hands. Another symbol of wealth - an aquarium in which goldfish swim.

If you are not a fan of Eastern culture, you can use the Scandinavian runes for wealth and prosperity as symbols that attract money.


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