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How to attract the attention of the boy?

What to do when you like a boy who lives nearby or walks with you in one class? It seems to be familiar with him, and you can talk, and how to interest him? How to attract the attention of the boy? It is even harder if an interesting guy does not greet you, because you are not familiar. Oddly enough, but the second case is much more convenient for those who want to establish friendship. However, if you already communicate, it is quite possible to become indispensable and necessary for this person.

If you are familiar

You greet, but you never went anywhere together, and did not spend time together. Here it is important to create something that could unite you. You need to try to find out what interests the guy, what he is interested in. After that, study the subject. For example, a boy likes to play football or he collects coins. Bring cards with soccer players or a football magazine to school. Open it and consider. Let him not immediately pay attention to an interesting subject, others - will turn.

As soon as you have the opportunity to talk, talk - do not lose the chance. The guy himself is unlikely to make a step forward. Be fun and natural.Say that you do not understand anything in football, challenge him. Let him try to prove to you that this game is interesting and has its own rules, nuances. Perhaps he will offer you to go with him to the match.

As soon as you feel that the contact is established, that the guy has begun to respond to your attention, stop. Yes, stop paying attention to him, as if he doesn't exist. The main thing is to make it on time, not too early and not too late. When a guy notices a lack of interest on the part of the girl who made him understand that she likes him, he will become interested in her. And this is quite understandable. This is a typical reaction of almost any person.

If the guy is not familiar with you

If you know a guy, you notice him, you meet almost every day, and no matter how he sees you, you can read here how to attract the attention of a boy. In our case, the role of detail. If you have to see, at least occasionally, try to look so that you can not be overlooked. For example, put on a bright thing or make a complicated hairstyle.

As soon as you see that he noticed an unusual girl, take the next step. It will be effective to ask the guy to help in anything.For example, carry a heavy bag. You can go even further and drop something under his nose. Wait until he picks up the fallen thing and gives it to you. No need to give too much thanks, as if he had done a heroic, masculine act. Let your thanks be discreet, the main thing is to smile beautifully and not be shy to look into your eyes. A long look gives you almost 100% success.

What every girl should know

  • If you like the guy, you can get closer to him through friendship with his friend. In this situation, you will definitely intersect at least sometimes. Your mutual friend will definitely mention you in a conversation with your loved one.
  • Watch your appearance, be careful. Almost all the guys notice unclean nails and dirty shoes. Hair should shine and eyes too. Do not try to attract the attention of the boy with bright lipstick or high heels. The view will be awkward, and the attention with a mock is provided to you.
  • Be sincere, less pretend to be someone. As a rule, natural people like others.
  • Never forget - you deserve a good guy and you will get it. Let not immediately, let it happen later. But you will meet him without fail.

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