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How to attract the man of your dreams?

How to attract the man of your dreams?How to attract the man of your dreams? I once talked with another friend of mine. She told me a funny story. Christina is married to a priest. And she grew up in a family where she was diligently protected from men. Mother always said: “Never smile at strangers and do not talk to them. And then they will start pestering you. " Even as an adult, Christina always averted her eyes, trying not to meet the gaze of men. I note that if her husband hadn’t followed my advice in chapter 24, they would never have gotten married.


So, somehow Christina traveled with her husband. She sat in the hotel lounge and waited for her husband. Then she remembered the mother's instructions, and she suddenly decided: “This is simply ridiculous. I'm tired of letting on an impregnable look and hiding my friendliness from strangers. With this we must finish. Just at this time a man was passing by. Christine looked at him, met his gaze and said hello. So often people in the hotel greet each other in hotels.And then the thought arose: “Wow, nothing happened. And I behaved like a normal person. " How proud she was at that moment that she was able to break the maternal ban! Christine felt the sweetness of newfound freedom. So, she waited for her husband and looked at people.


A few minutes passed. Christine saw that the man with whom she greeted, is returning. He glanced at her, smiled, sat down beside him and started a conversation: they say, how long has she been in the city, and so on. The man looked decent and quite friendly, but Christina was horrified. "And there is! Mom was right. Men have only one thing in mind, ”she thought frantically. When this gentleman took his leave, Christina firmly decided never to smile to anyone again, because she does not set out to attract the man of her dreams. Fortunately, common sense still prevailed.


But the essence is clear. Everything that happens to a person in the outside world is directly related to what is happening in his soul - where his fears, beliefs and desires live. Especially it concerns the sphere of personal life. Christine opened her heart to others for a moment. Not to be invited by someone, but simply for communication. And the outside world immediately responded.


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