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How to become a DJ?

DJing is the dream of many young people these days. Sometimes it seems that the work of a DJ is very easy. "To be in the center of fun every night, but also to receive money for it! Not work, but a sheer pleasure!" - such statements can be heard very often. Probably also because of this desire to become a DJ owns hundreds of young men and women. Let's take a closer look at the DJ profession. Is it as simple as it seems to superficial glance?

DJs in clubs, on the radio, at the festival

A DJ (or DJ, from English DJ - disc jockey) is a person who plays musical compositions recorded on various media. His job is to combine (mix) different musical tracks so that they become a single whole. This “chain” of songs or instrumental parts in the DJ language is called a “mix”. The DJ program that he performs at the club during the evening is called a set.

DJing as a type of creativity and means of earning appeared in clubs. How to become a DJ at the club? About it a little later.However, there are other varieties of this profession, such as radio DJing. On the radio, to work as a DJ you need a person with a well-made speech, a pleasant voice that will attract the attention of listeners in the intervals between songs so that as many people as possible stay on its wave. Many people are interested in the question: how to become a DJ on the radio?

Each of us has met with the third type of DJ at least once in our life, attending weddings, anniversaries, corporate parties and other holidays. DJs who create music on holidays are called mobile DJs or event DJs. Mobile DJ arrives at the banquet, as a rule, with his equipment, and entertains guests.

Before starting a creative career, you should decide what kind of DJing you will give the maximum of your time.

Do you still want to be a DJ? Then you need to learn a lot.

How to become a DJ at home: step by step

DJ must know perfectly all modern musical styles and trends. If you don't know what “dubstep”, “lounge”, “progressive” or “house” are, it’s too early for you to do music mixing.As they say, "learn materiel". To become a popular DJ in a club where people of different generations come, it is worth getting acquainted with those styles of music that were popular several decades ago. DJ, who includes in his sets the forgotten, but loved by all the melodies, is doomed to success.

DJ works on certain equipment: decks for playing discs, a mixing console, audio amplifiers, dynamic systems. Quite often, the light effects in the club are also part of the DJ's work. Where and how can you work on the DJ console to understand the principles of work? Today there are a large number of schools and DJing courses that include practical exercises, including in the field of technical knowledge.

According to the well-known music critic Andrei Gorokhov, "The highest, last and only DJ goal is to encourage people to dance. A good DJ is someone who is able to control the mood of the dancers, get the audience, bring it to a state of ecstasy." A DJ should be an excellent psychologist, feel the mood of people listening to his music, not leave them dissatisfied or, even worse, indifferent.A DJ is an artist and his work should be in the center of attention.

You know the music perfectly, you own the DJ equipment perfectly and you want to start your DJ career? Become a regular at popular clubs, meet resident DJs of these clubs. Offer them your services. Often, clubs require a DJ for a substitution, for one or two evenings. And then it all depends on you! Sometimes club management places ads on DJing on the Internet or in newspapers.

You can start your DJ career on the radio ... this week. Of course, we are not talking about the most popular radio stations. But Internet radio as a “test site” for radio DJing is quite suitable. Be creative on the Internet, create music programs - once you are invited to work for a different audience.

“The road will be mastered by the one going” - this proverb is also valid for those who make the first DJing steps. All of them would like to wish to become once famous DJs in metropolitan clubs or on famous radio stations.


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