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How to become a monk?

Dmitry Chepcheruk
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How to become a monk?

Monasticism implies the rejection of worldly life and the introduction to solitude in the service of God. If you are thinking about how to become a monk, then first learn all the subtleties and weigh your possibilities. After all, monasticism is a real feat in our world.

Before you take monastic vows, try to live like a monk in a mundane atmosphere. You need to train yourself to wake up very early, at about five in the morning. It is necessary to observe all the posts and refuse meat food, since it is not used at all in monasteries. Read the prayer rules every day, study the Holy Scriptures and the Lives of the Holy Fathers. Attend church at least once a week. We'll have to give up entertainment, meeting with friends and socializing with the opposite sex. Learn to be humble and humble, work hard on your spiritual content.

If you accept such a life, then you can think about the monastic tonsure. To do this, first talk to your spiritual father in your church, tell him about your intention.Before making a vow, it is recommended to travel around the monasteries and live their lives. After that, select one monastery and stay there for service. You will not become a monk immediately, but only after a certain time, so to speak, after a trial period. After taking monasticism, you cannot live a worldly life.


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