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How to become a racer?

Probably not a single child thought how to become a racer, asking his parents about it. If your kid constantly says that he wants to become a racer, and you don’t see anything wrong with that, you should read this article. Below you will learn what steps to follow to make your child’s dream come true. Nowadays, karting classes in Russia provide riders with a wonderful experience, although a few years ago they had to travel to European countries for this.

Racers: we weigh the pros and cons

If you decide to take the child to the track circuit, be sure to weigh all the positive and negative sides before that, because in some cases children may like motor racing so that it will be very difficult to get out of it.

  1. Even if your child is not even 10 years old, but he has already mastered the basics of motor racing, he still needs an experienced mentor, because without a coach it is impossible to maintain constant athletic growth.
  2. Do not create a child of free conditions, because when such a racer will be in professional motorsport, he will not be prepared for rivalry and brutal struggle.Because of this, such a person may simply break down, since he will not be psychologically adapted to tough competition. Riders are strong people with great willpower and confidence in themselves and in the sport they have chosen.
  3. Parents should also know that motor racing is not cheap, so if they do not have enough money, you should look for a sponsor.
  4. Great sport requires the timely implementation of each step. Early significant gains can lead to early withdrawal from motorsport.
  5. In order to become a professional racer, you need to choose the right partners for yourself. To do this, try to get into a strong team.
  6. Success in motor racing depends not only on the abilities of the rider, but also on his entire team, which helped him at the beginning of his career. The team consists of various assistants, ranging from the coach and ending with the spokesperson, because the driver should not think about various near-field problems.

Towards a dream: action

If after getting acquainted with all the pros and cons of this sport, you still decided to give the child to this element, then you should decide on a kart school. Today in Russia a large number of such schools, clubs and classes.As a rule, real professionals work there. With their help, your child will feel like a real racer already in the first classes.

Now a few words about how to become a rally driver, and how is the direct preparation of riders for competitions on the "Brands Hatch". First, the professional racers instruct the interns. Then they train in Ford Escort cars. After that, the racers get into Formula One racing cars, which can reach speeds of more than 190 km / h. They learn to drive faster and faster, until they are prepared for their first competition.


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