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How to become a vampire?

Vampires have always attracted people with their inaccessibility, strength, beauty and possibilities. And after entering the massive screens of the twilight saga, the forums became even more full of questions about how to become a vampire, and some even began to appeal to the dentist with a request to make them fangs! If you are one of those who are looking for an answer to the question: "How to become a vampire in life?", Then this article is for you.

How vampires live

To begin, you must understand what you desire and be confident in the existence of vampires. The vampire only looks like a human, but he lives differently. Vampires do not need human food, they do not know human love, and they have no relatives. If you are ready to give up the joys of human life, then you have a chance to become a vampire.

All vampires are divided into two large groups: the vampires themselves, which feed on blood, and energy vampires, who suck the forces out of others. First consider the first group. These vampires are also subdivided into several subgroups. There are those who hate people and are extremely bloodthirsty, there are calm and restrained, there are vampires who do not have a permanent place of residence, they travel.Vampires are also divided along other lines: among them there are creatures of a lower order and a higher one. The first can turn any person into a vampire, as they need to replenish their family. Vampires of the second group are more picky, and they won't accept anyone they see. Such vampires will turn into such a person only a pure, intelligent and talented person who does not have low human feelings (envy, greed, etc.). How to become a vampire? There are several ways.

How to become a vampire - ways

A person who wants to become a vampire must undergo a certain rite of initiation into vampires. This ceremony is held under the strictest secrecy, and a man can pass it only when the vampires around him are sure that he can become a real vampire.

Vampire bite. To do this, you need to figure out where and when vampires like to spend time, and more often to visit these places. If the vampires agree, they will help you become the same as they are. But everything can depend on the situation. If a person remains one-on-one with a vampire, then the second will have a choice: to convert a person in himself or to drink blood from him to the last drop.It all depends on the behavior of a person and on which group the vampire belongs to. They say that there is even a special spell with which you can call a vampire in any place convenient for you and try to negotiate with him about something.

Become damned. To do this, you need to bring someone to curse you strongly and heartily. When this happens, you may turn into a vampire. But this is not one hundred percent option. If all else fails, then a hard life is waiting for you: for a damned person, things are not going well, starting with health and ending with work.

Turn to black magic and to the satanic bible. These sources also describe how to become a vampire. There are two such rare books - "The Book of Blood" and "Tape of the victim", but it is incredibly difficult to get them. Many claim that thanks to them you can become a 100% vampire.

A very strong desire. Thought is material, and a strong desire can seriously help become a vampire.

Fate. There is a belief that if a person is prepared to become a vampire, then he will certainly become one.

But most argue that without the help of real vampires can not do.Therefore, the most effective options are the first and second. There is also a medical point of view on vampirism. There is a disease - porphyria, in which a person experiences painful sensations in the light, but after consuming blood, it becomes easier for him. This disease is inherited.

Energy vampire - how to become

Now let's talk about how to become an energy vampire. An energetic vampire is a creature who drains energy and strength from people for its own benefit. How to become? You can become a qigunist. Tsigunist has the knowledge of how to absorb and accumulate the energy of Qi. They also know how to open certain energy points, which facilitate the possibility of energy transfer. The second way: to become a mental vampire. Such possess mental ways impact on the victim. To become an energy vampire, you need to learn to evoke strong emotions in a person. The victim must be hot to argue with the enemy, swear and curse, to experience grief and resentment. The more negative emotions the victim experiences and the stronger they are, the more energy the energy vampire can suck out of it.


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