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How to become an outcast for everyone? Who will say how I will be blogging to them !!! :-)

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Answered on November 3, 2015 11:50
Are you sure you want it and can you? And what do you need it at all? The word "outcast" is already initially fraught with negative meaning. If you look broadly and do not dwell on the negative sense, then I divide these people into two large groups. The first is the geeks, whom society itself rejects (just the same, they are outcasts) - accordingly, in order to become so, you must not be childish enough, so that people themselves would not want to approach you. You can still be afraid of everyone and everyone, walk sullenly, push people away mentally - and nobody will need you. The second group - conscious loners, who are not expelled, but they themselves wanted and decided. These are introverts who live in the inner world, have great mental and spiritual abilities, learn a lot and are much wiser in many of their peers. They enjoy loneliness.I think that you shouldn’t do this - keep the balance between loneliness and communication with people, then you will regret that you once wanted to withdraw from everyone.

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