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How to become attentive?

Vera Shiryaeva
Vera Shiryaeva
November 4, 2014
How to become attentive?

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How to become attentive?

What needs to be done to ensure that the question of your own carelessness never bothers you? How to become attentive?

  1. It is necessary to give the opportunity to relax your brain. Good sleep, during the working day, you need to take short breaks.
  2. Never take your time. Even those who have everything on fire often make annoying mistakes. It is better to do everything slowly and scrupulously, delving into the essence of the work performed. Do not forget to recheck yourself.
  3. Very often, when we are going to go on a trip or just leave the house or from work, we seem to forget ordinary things. Therefore, the advice - do not hesitate to ask others what has not yet been taken. But it is best to prepare a list of necessary things in advance. After the fees, it is best to double-check on this list whether everything is packed.
  4. Being engaged in any business, do not be distracted. Even your favorite music is a factor that will constantly distract.
  5. Constantly work to develop your memory and attentiveness. There are a lot of such exercises today.You can pick up a certain complex, which will not take you much time. 10-15 minutes break in the work you will be enough to carry out these exercises. For example, look at the unfamiliar image for a few seconds. Close your eyes and try to list all the details that are remembered.

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