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How to become smarter - be smarter

How to become smarter

How to become smarter and what is needed for this.

To some, the title of this article seems silly. Well, what does it mean "How to become smarter"? At first glance, yes. But if you think about it, the stupidity in the title is not so much. A person constantly has to solve various puzzles and tasks. Most of them are household level. For example, where to buy shoes, how not to be late for work, why it is difficult to communicate with this or that person and the like. The solution of this task takes several minutes, and even seconds. And we often don’t think about all the mechanisms of brain activity. But not all problems can be managed without any special problems. Sometimes you need to think a lot. It is at such moments that it will not be superfluous to learn how to become smarter.


There are several ways to increase mental baggage. They are widely available and quite simple. But not all use them, even if they do. Why is this happening? There are many reasons. Someone does not consider it necessary, someone is just lazy, someone considers himself to be smart enough, if not a genius at all.

Ways to get smarter



  • The most effective way to try to become smarter is to load the brain with complex tasks every day.Some consider the active use of “gray matter” at work to be sufficient. But it is not so. Many problems are solved automatically, according to a template. Although, from time to time, an impression of active brain activity can be created. But it is not. In order to become smarter, it is necessary for the brain to arrange a periodic shake-up, that is, to try to solve non-trivial tasks whose solution is not on the surface.


  • The next moment in becoming you, as an intelligent person, is proper nutrition. Not all foods have a beneficial effect on brain activity. And some even slow it down. Now let's see what is better to become smarter. The most ideal dish for this is a variety of salads. Fresh vegetables are very useful for the brain. Try to include in the daily diet cabbage, carrots, spinach and lettuce leaves. The tangible effect can be felt in a few months. But if there is an opportunity to eat fresh berries every day, then until old age there will be no problems with mental activity.


 How to become smarter


If you follow the above tips, then search the Internet for information on how to become smarter no longer. Because there will be no more need for it.


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