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How to behave at the table?

Etiquette includes a huge number of all sorts of rules and subtleties that are very difficult to remember. However, it is extremely necessary to know the rules of behavior for those situations in which a person finds himself most often. So, it is worth learning how to behave at the table.

How to sit

At the table you need to sit beautifully. You can not fall apart on a chair, as if this is your home chair. You should sit on the edge of the chair, straightening your back and putting your legs straight. You do not need to move very close to the table and especially to lean on it with your chest. You should sit so that you feel comfortable eating, and not experience any constraint in your movements. In accordance with generally accepted standards, between the table and the person should be a distance equal to the palm. The plate should be located on the table at a distance of two fingers from its edge.

The basic rules of etiquette at the table

The rules of etiquette at the table strictly prohibit putting elbows on the table. Allowed to put on his hands. In the intervals between serving dishes, hands should be folded on the knees or on the armrests of the chair.When you sit down at the table, you need to unfold the cloth next to your plate and put it on your lap. It should be noted that the main purpose of this napkin is to protect clothes and prevent them from getting dirty. Hands should be wiped only with paper napkins. They also need to promakivat mouth, not to wipe, namely promakivat, gently touching the lips.


The rules that describe how to behave at the table say that the knife and spoon must be held in the right hand, and the fork in the left. It will be useful to know that the devices folded on a plate criss-cross mean that you have decided to pause. If you want the waiter to remove the appliances or replace the dish, you should put a fork and a knife diagonally parallel to each other. Their handles should look in the lower right corner. Instruments folded on a plate indicate your desire to pause. It should be noted that after the first dish is eaten, it is necessary to leave a spoon in a plate. Meat, poultry and fish should be eaten with a knife and fork. Bones should not be removed from the mouth with your fingers, but with the help of a fork, carefully setting them aside.

Eat carefully

Do not bite off too large pieces of food, you should chew with your mouth closed. During the meal, you can not talk, slurp, sip and blow on hot food. In addition, it is indecent to discuss treats and choose the most appetizing piece on a common plate. In the case when you can not take any dish, you should politely ask the person sitting next to you to pass it. When thinking about how to conduct yourself at the table, do not forget about the polite attitude towards your fellow co-workers. Being at the table, you can not laugh out loud and talk with your mouth full. You need to respect your fellow soldiers: not to smoke with them, not to talk on the phone, and not to gesticulate.

Refusal from the dish

  • If you want to give up some food that you don’t like or that may cause you allergies, then you should politely refuse: "No, thank you." But still, the rules of good tone recommend that you take at least a small piece of the dish and place it on a plate so that it is not noticeable that you do not touch it.
  • Undoubtedly, any hostess will be upset if she notices that you have not tasted any dish.In this case, you do not need to loudly explain what the reason is. It is necessary, without attracting the attention of the others sitting at the table, in a low voice to explain to her why you refused to eat: you are on a diet, you are allergic to some kinds of products, your doctor does not recommend them.
  • If you refuse the dish that the waiter offers, you just need to shake your head or say in a low voice: "No, thank you." In the case when you are present at the dinner "a la buffet", which offers several dishes to choose from, you can put on your plate just what you like best. However, if the waiters are at a table with snacks, then you need to point them to the dish you like, stretch your plate forward, smile and ask kindly to put the dish you have chosen. If you notice that you are going to put not what you asked for, you should say: “No, thank you” and repeat your previous request.

Now you know how to behave at the table to create a good impression of yourself. Remember that by following the elementary rules of etiquette, you will be able to draw attention to yourself and achieve the disposition of others.Try it and see for yourself!


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