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How to build a house cheap?

Many people dream of buying their own homes. One way is to buy it already in finished form, the other is to build it with your own hands. The second option looks much more expensive, and therefore not everyone finds it acceptable. However, there are ways to reduce construction costs, and in this article we will tell you how to build a house cheaply and not lose quality.

Preparatory stage

Before you start building, you need to think carefully about everything. Preparation will allow to take into account all the nuances and to avoid unexpected expenses already in the process of work. It is important to determine in advance the area of ​​the future building, which windows will be installed, think about the layout, the type of roof, etc. Then draw up a detailed plan indicating all materials that are planned to be used in construction. After that, calculate the costs, and if the amount received exceeds the available budget, review the project and find out what else you can save on.

With calculations, our article will help you. How much does it cost to build a house?

How to save on building materials

With the advent of new technologies in the construction industry and the use of modern building materials, substantial savings have been made possible when building housing.

Instead of brick ceramic blocks

Expensive bricks can be replaced with building blocks, which will allow to build a house faster and cheaper. Foam and aerated concrete blocks can be found on the building materials market (the latter are distinguished by the addition of quartz sand).

Ceramic blocks are much more bricks in size, have a more porous structure, increasing their insulating properties. This allows you to spend less on building insulation. In addition, the blocks are lighter than bricks by weight, which means that the structure will exert less pressure on the foundation and, therefore, can be saved during its construction.

Laying blocks under the force of even one person, so this stage of work can be done independently, without resorting to the services of the construction team, and this is also a significant contribution to the piggy bank of a cheap house.

Cheap steel structures

The construction of a steel frame with its subsequent plating will also help build a cheap house.To date, these robust metal structures have several undeniable advantages:

  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Versatility (you can assemble from them a house of any configuration).
  • Low weight.
  • Affordable cost.
  • The ability to create a unique exterior exterior through modern finishing materials.

By the way, you can also save on finishing materials.

How to save on finishing materials

You can spend less on finishing the premises in two ways: replace expensive materials with budget ones and do the work yourself. If you do not have enough qualifications for any type of work, then you can invite a specialist, it will still be cheaper than doing the whole cycle of finishing work by a specially hired team.

Wanting to save on finishing materials, you should remember one simple rule - choose not the cheapest, but the most optimal ones in terms of price / quality / durability. In this case, it will not be necessary to carry out repairs a couple of years after construction.

We save on finishing the ceiling

As cheap methods of finishing the ceiling can be applied:

  • Coloring.
  • Pasting by wall-paper or ceiling plates.

The first option is practical and affordable, and if you wish, you can always choose the color scheme. The second option is somewhat more laborious, but economical and provides a large selection of design issues.

We save on wall decoration

To perform inexpensive wall finishing in the house, you can use the following materials:

  • PVC panels (they are fixed with clamps to the crate or glued to the wall with liquid nails).
  • Wallpaper (for the bedrooms and the living room will fit the usual paper, for the kitchen and the corridor - washing).
  • Paint.
  • Plasterboard with their subsequent painting or pasting.

We make an economical floor

An opportunity to make an inexpensive floor in a house is provided by such material as linoleum. It is practical, easy to clean, lasts a long time and is accessible to most consumers. If you first need to carry out work on the insulation, the chipboard and mineral wool or foam, acting as insulation, will be an excellent option.

You will find more useful information about building and finishing materials in our article “What is the best way to build a house?”

The technology of frame-shield housing construction

One of the options for cheap housing is a frame-shield construction. The house can be assembled in just a few days. For example, new technologies allow the creation of SIP panels consisting of expanded polystyrene plates and sheathed with OSB plates on both sides. To stiffen a wooden beam is added, which serves as a means of fastening the panels between themselves. Upon completion of the work with the foundation, the walls of a new house are built from these panels in a couple of days. Since the weight of a building constructed in this way will be less than when using timber, bricks and even blocks, it is possible not to spend money on an expensive foundation, but to choose columnar or pile-screw.

This is followed by exterior trim with siding or other suitable material, inside also produce finishing work.

Frame-shield construction is rapidly gaining popularity, because at minimal cost the advantages are obvious. All elements of the future house have the necessary markings, are insulated, they even made all the necessary holes. Therefore, if you want to build a house as cheap as possible, then this method can be called, perhaps, one of the best.


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