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How to build shoulders at home

How to build shoulders

How to build shoulders

One of the most difficult to develop is the shoulder muscles. In order to pump up the beautiful shoulders of a beautiful shape, it is necessary to carefully select a set of exercises, so that all four groups of muscles responsible for their formation are used: the anterior, middle and back deltoid and trapezius muscle. In this case, all exercises must be performed carefully, regularly and flawlessly. Therefore, it is very important to know how to pump shoulders correctly and carefully study the technique of doing the exercises, so that the final result can please you. For clarity, see the shoulder pumping video at the end of the article. It is possible to bring the muscles of the shoulders into a tone, as well as to pump up the pectoral muscles, with the help of special trainings, both in the gym and independently, using home remedies. There are enough ways to achieve this in order to be able to choose the most suitable option.The main exercises that help to pump shoulders are:


  • Presses, which are essential for building muscle.
  • Waving hands - exercises aimed directly at the target muscle.


How to pump shoulders with dumbbells at home



Dumbbells are a universal sports equipment that helps to tone up any muscle group and shoulders in this case are no exception. Also with the help of this sports equipment everyone will be able to pump shoulders at home.


How to pump up shoulders with dumbbells

How to pump up shoulders with dumbbells


Consider a few effective exercises using these shells:


  • The presses working on the side and front of the deltoid muscles. The dumbbells are taken up by the upper grip and then slowly rise to the level of the shoulders, then the hands stay in this position for a few seconds and the dumbbells again rise up towards each other, until they touch. Then hands go down again.
  • Machi working on the middle deltoid muscle. Dumbbells are taken in hand by bending forward until the moment when the body is parallel to the floor. After that, hands with sports equipment are pulled forward and stretched up to a level just above the shoulders. Then, after a 5 second delay, the dumbbells go down again.
  • Mahi for the development of the lateral muscles of the shoulders. Lying on the side, we place one hand under the head, and in the other we take a dumbbell. After that, perform a swing hand from foot to head and back.
  • Machi for the development of the anterior muscle. Exercise is performed while standing. Dumbbells are taken in both hands and performed with a waving hand in front of the rib cage.


How to quickly pump shoulders on the bar



The horizontal bar is also an excellent tool to tone the muscles of the shoulders. Exercises on this apparatus help to strengthen both the trapezoid and deltoid muscles, as well as to increase the shoulders width.


How to build shoulders on the bar

How to build shoulders on the bar


Work out the shoulders on the bar using the following exercises:


  • We grab the bar of the horizontal bar with a narrow front grip, and slightly arched in the back, we begin to carry out tightening, so that at the highest point try to touch the horizontal bar with the chest.
  • We take the crossbar of the sports projectile with the reverse middle grip and begin to perform incomplete tightening, the legs should be perpendicular to the floor. Fixing the position, thus raising the blades to the crossbar.


After a certain amount of training, the pull-ups on the horizontal bar can be complicated and begin to tie a load to the legs. This is done to improve the efficiency of the shoulder muscles.


We swing shoulders weights at home



Exercises with weights are very effective for increasing the mass of the deltoid muscles of the shoulders. They can be done at home. The most common presses for working out these muscles are:


  • The legs are placed on the width of the shoulders, the weights rise closer to the shoulders. Then inhale, and the weights gently rise up, linger for a few seconds at the top point and also smoothly lower to their original position.
  • We sit down on a chair, take the weight in one hand, bend it at the elbow so that the sports equipment is on the shoulder and we put the other on the belt. Then slowly raise your hand up, hold it in the upper point and lower it again. We perform the exercise several times, change the position of the hands and similarly perform the exercises for the other hand.
  • We lie down on the bench, take the weights in hand and bend at the elbows so that the shells are shoulder-high. Then slowly raise the weights up, after a few seconds of stopping again bend our hands.


How to quickly pump shoulders barbell



How to build a barbell

How to build a barbell


Very good results are given by exercises with a barbell, they allow to work out all the muscle groups of the shoulder.


  • Sit down on a low table or bench and put the bar on the shoulders, hands should be directed forward. On inhalation, the projectile rises up above the head, on exhalation it drops. Exercises is working on the trapezius muscles and the deltoid head. It is very important when keeping the press to keep your back in a straight state.
  • We accept the position "sitting on the bench" and put the bar on the chest, hands look forward. On the inhale, we lift up very smoothly, on the exhale we slowly return to the chest. In this way, the upper part of the trapezius muscle, the head of the deltoid and triceps are worked out.
  • Put your feet shoulder-width apart, keep your back straight, take the barbell from above with an average grip from the top and put it to your hips. As you exhale, we lift the barbell to the chin, slowly carrying it along the torso, then smoothly return the sports equipment to the hips. This exercise in addition to the deltoid and trapezius muscles captures the muscles of the forearm.


We swing shoulders on the uneven bars



It is believed that on the uneven bars it is quite difficult to pump shoulders. Actually this is not true. With the right technique, some special exercises can also be obtained as a result of training beautiful inflated shoulders. The only drawback of the exercise is that it does not help to increase the shoulders in width.


  • We grab the bars from above and take an emphasis on them, while the arms should be straight and pressed to the body.
  • We make a slight bend forward and very slowly bend our elbows and part them. At the time of a strong strain of pectoral muscles, we freeze for a few seconds.
  • The field of bringing the elbows together, simultaneously slowly unbending them, and returning to the original position.


This exercise allows you to work on the elasticity of the muscles and, if desired, it can be performed with additional weight, which is attached to the belt.


It is very important to remember to do a warm-up warm-up before any workout, which prepares the muscles for the loads and contributes to the greater efficiency of the exercises. For beginners, the number of exercises should be minimal and calculated as many times as the endurance allows. And only after a certain amount of training, you can begin to increase loads and strive to do at least 6 repetitions in 3-4 approaches.


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