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How to call Kharkov?

Sergey Kascheev
Sergey Kascheev
July 27, 2012
How to call Kharkov?

To call to Kharkov, you need to know the telephone code of this city, it is as follows: 57. After dialing this code, you can dial the subscriber’s number, consisting of 7 digits: ХХХХХХХ. But in order to enter a long-distance connection, dial the number 0 before the city code. If the call is from another country, for example from Russia, then to reach Ukraine, this country is Kharkov, you must first dial the international code of Ukraine.

When calling from a mobile phone, the international code of Ukraine consists of the symbol "+" and the numbers 38. The symbol "+" on some models of mobile phones is dialed by double pressing the symbol "*". The complete sequence of dialing codes for a call to the city of Kharkiv from a mobile phone from Russia is as follows: +38 - 0 - 57 - XXXXXXX.

How to call to Kharkov from a landline phone, you will also find out now, there are differences and they are as follows. Having picked up the phone of a landline phone, first of all, you should reach the long-distance line.To do this, dial the code "8". Next you need to go on an international line, this is the code "10". Now you can enter the international code of Ukraine, this is the code "38". Further, as with a mobile one, we successively dial "0", "57" and the subscriber number XXXXXXX. The complete sequence for a call from a landline phone to Kharkov from Russia is as follows: 8 - 10 - 38 - 0 - 57 - XXXXXXX.

If you need to make a call to a mobile phone, then instead of the Kharkov code, you need to enter the operator code. All other actions are similar. In Kharkov, more than others, the MTS operator is common, its codes are as follows: "50", "66", "95", "99".


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