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How to catch a crucian in the winter?

Natalya Kosenko
Natalya Kosenko
December 19, 2014
How to catch a crucian in the winter?

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How to catch a crucian in the winter?

Professional fishermen know that crucian carp is one of the types of fish that is caught throughout the year, including in winter frosts. Before you catch a crucian in the winter, you need to prepare special gear and bait.

What and what to catch a crucian in the winter

For successful fishing you need to stock up with a winter float fishing rod, equipped with a hook and sinker, or a fishing rod with a nod at the jig. Suitable mormyshki for winter fishing for carp - in the form of droplets or small pellets of inconspicuous color.

In winter, the crucian carp prefers animal bait (bloodworm, worms, maggots). Sometimes it happens to bite on bread.

Where and how to catch a crucian in winter

Best of all, carp is caught on the first and last ice (with a prolonged thaw), as the fish prefer to wait out severe frosts on the bottom of the reservoir, burying in silt or sand. It is necessary to catch a crucian along the coast, where the depth does not exceed 3 m. If at the beginning of winter it is possible to find a feeding place for crucian, winter fishing is guaranteed to be successful.

Mormovka fishing involves smooth periodic oscillations with a small amplitude. When fishing with bait, the bait also needs to be lifted from time to time smoothly, attracting the attention of the fish and not allowing the sinker to get stuck in the mud.

How to catch a crucian in the winter can be viewed on the video.


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