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How to catch on the lake?

Vera Shiryaeva
Vera Shiryaeva
November 11, 2014
How to catch on the lake?

Any fisherman, regardless of experience, can say that fishing on a lake is significantly different from fishing on a river. It's all in the water mode, hence the behavior of the fish. Still water does not mix its layers, therefore the temperature regime in the lake is almost constant.

During the warm period, the fish is very sensitive to weather changes, so fishing mainly depends on this factor. Therefore, a few tips from experienced anglers who will help answer the question of how to catch on the lake.


  • The wind from the south or west is your helper, it usually has excellent fishing.
  • The wind from the north or east, which brings low temperatures, promises a bad catch.
  • Many experienced anglers, seeing the clouds gathering in the sky, immediately go fishing. They know that before the rain will be a good bite.

And now a very important question: where is the fish caught better?

  • Be wary of water bodies in which the water has blossomed. In such an environment, it is difficult for fish to breathe, therefore it is not there much.
  • But the algae - a hint that there should be a lot of fish.
  • Usually the fish in stagnant water tries to stay in the vegetation, there is more food. But, for example, such representatives of the fish family, such as pike perch, bream, must be caught in the bottom pits.
  • If the water temperature rises, then the fish goes closer to the bottom. If it decreases, it tries to stay in shallow water, where it is warmer.

And the last tip that concerns tackle. Neither the hook nor the float in this particular case do not play a big role. Here the fishing line is important. Fishing you will be mainly in the thickets, so it should be thick and strong.

The advantages of fishing on the lake, compared with river fishing, are not many. But I would like to note that it is the standing water that allows you to find the places where the fish live. And if you know the temper of a fish, you can easily find such a place. There are few such territories in the river, there a strong current knocks down everything that could be used for fishing. In addition, there is no constant temperature regime in the river, which also helps to set up fishing properly.


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