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How to celebrate a wedding?

A wedding is a special day that for many people only happens once in a lifetime. Of course, I want to remember this day for a lifetime. How to celebrate a wedding? It would seem that everything is obvious and known for a long time. First you need to go through a long stage of preparation - this is the choice of clothes for the bride and groom, ordering a restaurant, renting a limousine, finding a hairdresser, photographer, makeup artist, toastmaster, operator, applying to the registrar office, ordering a bouquet, buying rings. The wedding day itself is also held quite traditionally: the registry office, a walk to local attractions, a restaurant. Is it possible to celebrate a wedding in a different way? This will be discussed in our article.

Romantic Wedding Tour

Recently, more and more young people are thinking about how to celebrate a wedding in some other way. This can occur for various reasons. Someone doesn’t like lush celebrations, someone is in financial difficulties, and someone has no one to invite. So, how to celebrate a wedding in a different way?

In our country, with the development of tourism business, the opportunity to go on a wedding tour.And, in spite of the fact that this trip can be on an expensive resort, it will cost the young much cheaper than a wedding in Russia, but it will be remembered by them for life. The most common places for such a tour are Bali, Cyprus, Maldives. In these countries, everything is organized for such a ceremony.

As a rule, the price of the tour already includes relocation, accommodation in a luxury hotel, a festive dinner in a restaurant for two, a wedding cake, a ceremony interpreter and breakfast in the room the next day. There are a lot of tour options. You can choose a wedding in the chapel or on the yacht. You can agree to a holiday in the national style with costumes, dances and traditional dishes for this cuisine. In the Czech Republic, a similar tour can be held in the castle. In any case, it will be a fairy tale. She will be remembered by the young much more than traditional gatherings with relatives and friends at the banquet table.

Home wedding

The ideal solution, how to celebrate a wedding inexpensively, is to arrange a home wedding. And although everyone had long lost the habit of them, no one has yet canceled them. Such a wedding can be done themed. Ask your friends to think through the script yourself, prepare costumes or any attributes relevant to the topics that can be offered to each guest.Elements of interior design should also comply with it. Music should also be thought out. You can come up with a lot, for example, a pirate wedding or a gypsy, latino or retro, or maybe you will appear before the guests in the role of Barbie and Ken. The main thing is that everything should be carefully prepared long before the wedding.

Festive table can also be prepared independently with the help of girlfriends and relatives. Think over the menu, distribute who will be responsible for what. Maybe someone will just do the dishes or peel the vegetables. Someone will be entrusted with the table setting, someone will be good at decorating the dishes. The rest will distribute among themselves the preparation in accordance with those who have better recipes for cooking. Do not forget that the menu must be present dishes that are relevant to the subject.

Wedding in nature

If it's the right time of the year, then the wedding can be celebrated in nature. To do this, you still have to spend money, but it will be incomparable with a banquet in a restaurant. You need to rent a tent, a red carpet and furniture. All decorate with flowers and other wedding attributes. Snacks cook yourself.This option is as romantic as the first, especially if you choose a picturesque place in nature. Such a wedding can be arranged as a second option, it can be, for example, on an oriental theme, then all guests should sit on spreading carpets filled with snacks.

This, of course, not all options, how to celebrate a wedding is unusual, fun and inexpensive. But, if there is a desire to diversify your life, then you can come up with your own options. The main thing is to remember this day for you, because this is your holiday, and it is important that you feel it fully. Because ideally the wedding should be one in life. And that means - it must be a grand event, organized in accordance with the wishes of the young. We wish you a good, cheerful celebration and a happy family life!


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