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How to check the car from the dealership

Verification of configuration

The first thing to do is to make sure that the car for which you need to make a considerable amount is the one that was ordered to the manager. Namely: check the ordered configuration and the fact that there is in fact. Next, you need to go to the documentary. It is imperative to check the numbers of units and body. Not always the future owners pay attention to it, relying on the managers of the salon. However, it is not necessary to exclude the human factor and spend literally a minute to reconcile the numbers, thereby securing the future of trouble when registering a car with the traffic police.

Inspection process

Heated seats, blown glass, turns, alarm, air conditioning, in general, all electrical equipment must flawlessly perform their direct duties. You should also pay attention to how many indicators are lit on the dashboard and which ones, and whether any errors of the onboard computer light up.
Then you can go to the mechanics of the future cars. It is worth making sure that all the locks are working and working, as befits a new mechanism. It is worth paying attention to the locks of the luggage compartment and the engine compartment, so that there everything worked without comment. Also at the time of inspection of the luggage compartment you need to check the completeness, that is, the presence of a spare wheel, wheel brace and a jack. Inspecting the engine compartment, you must check all expansion tanks, namely the presence of the necessary fluids in them. Because very often the factory manufacturer fills the system with the necessary liquids for the system to show its functioning, and in the near future it is worth adding the working fluids to the required level. Another of the most important points that should be emphasized is the car paintwork. To see the presence of defects on the car, you need to look from the side and from different angles. A drop in light will immediately indicate scratches, chips or dents, if any.
When you get out of your car, you can ask the manager to get behind the wheel and ask him to alternately turn on the headlights, turns, brake lights, reversing lights, etc.After all the above manipulations, you need to listen to the engine with the hood open, so there will be more clearly heard external noise in the engine, if any.
Immediately before leaving you need to check the condition of the wheels, in particular the pressure in the tires. Also, it would not be superfluous to know how the wheel caps are unfastened correctly so that in the future they will not accidentally break their fastening at the time of replacing the wheel with a spare tire.
It can be noted that experts recommend all their requirements and those items that you want to check, fix on paper. After all, the list of what can be checked is very large and impossible to remember everything. And it is necessary to sign documents on the transfer of the car from the seller to the buyer only after a 100% certainty that there are no mutual claims. Then the transaction will be considered legal.
And the most important thing: the salons fill the car with literally 5-7 liters of fuel, so after leaving the walls of the cabin, you should immediately head to the gas station. Good luck to everyone.

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