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How to choose a TV diagonal?

When you purchase a modern TV, you need to take care not only of your expenses for the purchase, but also of choosing the right diagonal so that the TV fits well into the interior of your apartment. The screen size chosen incorrectly is often the cause of vision problems and discomfort when watching TV.

How to choose the diagonal TV

To choose the right diagonal of the TV, you should give up the main preference “I want the screen to be huge”. It is necessary to adequately assess the size of the room in which you plan to install a TV. First of all, it takes into account the distance from the TV screen to the chair or sofa where you expect to enjoy watching your favorite shows and TV shows.

How to choose the size of the diagonal TV? The size of the diagonal directly depends on the distance from the human eye to the screen. The larger the diagonal size, the greater the distance to the TV it requires.Experienced experts recommend that you follow the following parameters: small-sized TVs 14-17 inches (37-43 cm) should be watched at a distance of at least one meter, medium-sized TVs 26-32 inches (72-81 cm) at a distance of 2-2.5 meters, purchasing a large TV with a diagonal of 61-80 inches (155-201 cm), make sure that the distance to the TV is at least 4-5 meters.

It can be concluded that a TV with a large diagonal is suitable only for spacious rooms, in a small room a huge plasma will look unnatural and watching such a TV at a small distance can turn into health problems.

Most make mistakes, using the popular formula, in which the diagonal size is multiplied by three and the optimal distance to the screen is obtained. This is a lie, each person has his own point of view, in which the perception of the image on the TV screen is as comfortable as possible. If you have a desire to decide on this, go to visit a friend who already has a TV with the desired diagonal, and try to watch TV from various distances.

How to choose a diagonal LCD TV

For TVs with a matrix that supports the format of HD, the minimum diagonal is 26 inches (66 cm), it is better to give preference to the size of more than 32 inches. These screen sizes can guarantee you high image quality when viewing HD video format.

How to choose a LED TV diagonal

Focusing on the purchase of LED TV, remember that it is unlikely that you will be able to find a screen smaller than 40 inches (101 cm). Therefore, for a TV, which is made by LED-technology, we need a very spacious room. These TVs have a high-definition (1080p) resolution and remarkably support the 3D format. LED backlight improves the clarity and contrast of LED TVs.

If you choose a LED, LCD or plasma TV as a gift, but have no idea about the area of ​​the dwelling, then pay attention to the average screen size from 34 to 37 inches (87-94 cm). This way you will be able to avoid the fact that it will be difficult for a person to adjust to a given TV


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