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How to choose a dress?

One of the most common items of women's clothing is, of course, a dress. The dress, in its modern sense, appeared from capes and raincoats. The material was changing, the number of types of clothes was expanding, and the cut was transformed. If you once talked about men's and women's dresses, then gradually this part of the toilet became the property of the ladies wardrobe.

Nowadays, dresses are presented for every taste and color: an abundance of colors and styles, fabrics and tailoring, factory and hand-made production, stitched and knitted ... How to choose a dress? Where to begin? Maybe with the exact formulation of the problem? Do you need a dress on the way out or for everyday wear? Do you want to find something for office work or are you preparing for a vacation in a southern city by the sea?

Types of dresses

  • evening - for solemn, festive events;
  • wedding - for weddings and wedding celebrations;
  • children - for girls;
  • cocktail parties - also for parties and parties, usually without sleeves and a collar, often shortened;
  • daily - for daily use;
  • ethnic, which are part of the national dress;
  • universal - for any circumstances.

To understand how to choose the right dress, you need to figure out what each of its types is intended for. But having stopped on this or that type of dress, do not forget about a number of factors, including:

  • length;
  • Colour;
  • material (fabric);
  • cut;
  • type of drawing;
  • style.

If you need a summer dress or evening dress, then the maxi length will do. For a youth party, a short mini is useful, for everyday wear - medium-length clothing - midi.

It is useful to choose colors of dresses, being guided by type of own appearance at which colors of eyes, hair, skin are considered. Knowing the colors that suit you, it is easy to find the right shade of the dress.

Fabrics are divided by seasons and seasons. If clothes made of wool, mohair, thick knitwear, etc. are good for winter, then in summer you should prefer cotton or linen items.

But the rules are only a theory. The main thing is your mood and feelings. Let the dress you like! And in order to look good in it, it must first of all be in your shape.

How to choose a dress on the figure

Here are some recommendations:

  1. Choosing the length of the product, note that the maxi dress, suitable for tall women, low optics will shorten even more. Mini looks good in the presence of slender beautiful legs, otherwise refrain from dress of such length.
  2. Take time to choose the style of dress that will emphasize your femininity and elegance, highlight the dignity of the figure and hide its flaws.
  3. Visually correct the shape will help and the appropriate cut of the dress. For example, a fitted dress will reveal the grace and proportion of the silhouette, and a free, straight cut will smooth out the flaws.
  4. The color scheme of the dress will also contribute to the creation of your image. Thin and tall girls are not afraid of horizontal stripes on the fabric of the dress, and full it makes sense to prefer vertical stripes that are slim.

How to choose a dress for graduation

School prom - an event that happens only once in a lifetime. And the outfit for him must be carefully thought out, because the videos and photos will remain forever, and nothing can be changed. What is the essence of the upcoming celebration? First of all, this is an official ceremony with the award of diplomas or certificates.It is clear that clothes for such a case should be appropriate to the moment and elegant. After the formal part, feast, dancing, entertainment and, finally, the traditional graduate meeting of dawn are expected. What is the conclusion? Choose a dress comfortable, respectable, monophonic, fashionable, emphasizing all the best qualities of your appearance and figure and moderately modest.

How to choose a wedding dress

The day of the wedding celebration is your day, it must become unforgettable and begin a series of wonderful moments of the future, now living together. The bridal attire is intended to create an image of the chosen one of Fate standing on the threshold of great happiness.

How to choose a wedding dress? Regardless of fashion trends, the dress should sit perfectly on your figure. Modern fashion allows not only the classic white color, but also sky blue, golden, pink and white, cream, etc. It is important that the colors are delicate, emphasize the grace and aristocracy of the main character of the holiday. Dress fabric should be flying, iridescent, airy, flowing, light. Today styles are offered a variety of: from the style "Empire" with a high waist, emphasizing the chest, or A-silhouette, gradually expanding to the bottom,to the classic ball gown with a detachable waist, fluffy skirt on the crinoline and a lot of jewelry. For an immaculate figure, you can stay on the dress "Mermaid" or even a short mini.

Listen to the advice of sales assistants or craftsmen in the studio, talk to your loved ones, but in the final choice trust your taste and intuition. And then on your best day you will be irresistible!


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