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How to choose a driving school

To choose a driving school, first of all you need to pay attention to the size and atmosphere of the classroom for classes. Of course, it is better to learn the basics of driving in a small group, and this does not need huge halls for two hundred people. No less disturbing are classrooms in which there are no specialized posters and driving aids. Also, before starting the training, you should talk with the instructor or students of the driving school and make an approximate opinion about the quality of training.

In order not to get confused in the huge list of driving schools in the city, you need to choose a few of the most appropriate options for you and carefully examine each one individually.

The first criterion by which you can make a preliminary assessment of the school - advertising, or rather, its location on the streets and the frequency of appearance in the media. Although advertising is not always an indicator of school success, it is nonetheless a good indicator of company activity.

The most valuable is the information from the school itself: about the way of conducting courses and their content, about the availability of a license and various certificates. You can also help reviews of friends or students of the school.

Unfortunately, all the positive qualities of the school can be crossed out by another criterion: distance from home or work. If distance is important to you, you can look at the merits of the nearest schools, but it is better to get professional skills in a good, albeit difficult to reach driving school.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of training in the chosen school, but there are no other options, we advise you to find an individual instructor and take a few lessons from him.


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