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How to choose a floorboard?

If during the repair you decide to cover your floor with parquet, you can be sure that this option is one of the most optimal. Interestingly, to some extent the floorboard is a more cost effective alternative to the parquet itself. In addition, laying the floorboard is much easier and easier than parquet. Since the floor is the main basis of the house and interior, it is important to think in advance about how to choose the floorboard.

Criterias of choice

For a successful choice you need to follow certain criteria, here are some of them:

  • Colour;
  • type of coating boards;
  • size of boards;
  • board structure.

Consider each of them separately.

Color of the future floor

It is very important to remember that the shade of the parquet can not be selected by photo. Remember that the picture can be completely distorted, as the camera and the tilt of the light can affect the color of the floor. In addition, even if you buy parquet in the store itself, the color of the sample may differ from the finished board you bought. This is due to the fact that the parquet is made of natural material, and we all know that wood can change color over time.In addition, it is important to ensure that the boards you purchased were from the same batch. Since each delivery may have a slight difference in shade.

Well, if the interior of the house created certain contrasts, then the floor will be different from the walls, which will help to create certain forms. When you have a desire to expand a small space, then you should make the walls a dark shade, and the floor - light.

Type of coating: oil or varnish

Since we walk on the floor, and, therefore, we touch it with our feet, it is important that the floor should be pleasant to the touch. Therefore, during the selection of parquet, it is important to touch it and listen to what sensations it causes to you. Inspect the surface carefully. It is very important that it does not have any chips or roughness, and also check that the top layer does not peel off.

Two materials are used to cover the floorboard:

  • butter;
  • varnish

Each of them has its own characteristics. If the floorboard is soaked with oil, it is quite simple to take care of it. Oil perfectly protects the floor from moisture. Ate the same parquet is varnished, it will help make the floor surface glossy, smooth, smooth, and also hide all cracks and pores.Lacquer tends to create on the surface of the floorboard a thin film that protects the tree from external stimuli. But more effort is needed in cleaning here, since the dust on such a coating is better visible. In addition, the flooring of varnish from time to time will have to grind.

Board size

Boards in size must fully comply with the size of the room. For example, if the room is small, then wide and long boards will look just ridiculous, and vice versa, if a room with high ceilings and a large area, then small boards will not decorate it. Everything must fit and harmonize.

Board structure

The floorboard consists of a multilayer structure. The top layer is made of valuable wood. It may be:

  • Birch;
  • oak;
  • cherry;
  • teak;
  • maple;
  • nut.

The quality and durable of the floor will depend on the thickness of this layer. The best option when the thickness of the first layer is 4 mm.

The middle layer is made of cheaper wood. In this case, the bars of the tree are perpendicular to the bars of the upper layer. With this technique, you can avoid the deformation of the floorboard,if temperature and humidity fluctuate. There are some types of parquet boards in which chipboard is used in the second layer.

The bottom layer is spruce wood, it has a small thickness, about 2 mm.

If you want to put parquet on a warmed floor, then you should not use maple, beech and hornbeam, as well as various exotic woods as the material of the parquet board, since these species tend to dry out quickly.

Having chosen a suitable material, you can start laying.


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