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How to choose a gift by type of perception

Psychologists divide all people according to how they perceive information and the world around them. There are three types: visuals, kinesthetics and audials. We will understand who is who and what they are better to give.

Determining the type of human perception is not so difficult. It will help determine the test. Ask a person a question that makes you think, remember something (ask how he celebrated his last birthday, or how he spent his vacation). Then carefully watch the movement of his eyes. If a person, thinking, looks up to the right or left, then this is a one hundred percent visual, which represents visual images or draws a picture. Down to the right look kinesthetics (people who are guided by their feelings and sensations). Right or left (as if on their own ears) audials are looking (as they try to evoke sound images in memory).

Visuals- big aesthetes and dandies. They will appreciate a beautiful, elegant gift. For example, a painting, a statuette, an unusual decoration.The main thing is the originality of the gift and festive packaging.

Kinestheticslove tactile sensations. A gift for kinesthetic should first of all be pleasant to the touch. Products made from natural materials (wool, wood) will do, but metal products should be avoided. Warm slippers, a terry robe and body care products are appropriate.

Audialymost of them have a good ear for music. Therefore, they will like gifts related to music, as well as those who caress the ear. For example, good records or discs with music. A good option is the “music of the wind” pendant and a tabletop fountain (the sound of the babbling water is very pleasant to audials).


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