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How to choose a female consultation for pregnancy?

Women's health, especially during pregnancy, needs competent medical supervision. For this time, it is advisable to choose a permanent female consultation, in which you will be offered competent.

Where to find a suitable institution?

You can use the special search sites, on which all women's consultations are collected, and look for the most suitable among them by various parameters. One of the best sites for this search in Moscow is yellmed.ru.

For high-quality search of the desired institution, you can use the filter for various parameters. If you have one or more exact criteria, for example, a search in a specific area or a particular hospital, you can use the quick filter at the very top of the main page. Below you can enter more accurate criteria for searching in the city and the Moscow region, as well as by district. You can simply study the list of all institutions and choose the most suitable of them or use the map search.

Female consultations in Moscow and Moscow region

Modern mothers plan ahead for both pregnancy and childbirth. In order for everything to go well, you should pre-select the appropriate antenatal clinic for further pregnancy and maternity hospital care.

Planning for pregnancy includes the following stages: treatment of gynecological problems, preparation for conception, taking vitamins. If a woman is preparing for IVF, preparation for pregnancy should be especially thorough.

There are 118-120 women's clinics in Moscow, state and private. They provide the following services: pregnancy management, courses for pregnant women, prevention (prevention of unwanted pregnancy and STDs), treatment of gynecological problems. Every woman can go through an ultrasound procedure during pregnancy at any consultation, even if there are no indications.

Currently, there are 42 permanent maternity hospitals in Moscow. 10 of them work with severe pathologies of pregnant women and take different patients with the following diseases:

  • Diabetes, diseases of the genitourinary system, mental illness;
  • The risk of developing preterm labor;
  • Infectious diseases of the expectant mother: hepatitis, syphilis, AIDS.

The site contains all the institutions of Moscow and the Moscow region, which may be useful to expectant mothers. To make an exact choice in favor of a particular clinic or gynecology, select a few that are suitable and study the information about each of them to determine the exact choice.

The catalog of clinics and maternity hospitals is replenished, information is checked, reliable information is located on the site. If you want to choose a proven institution, you can study reviews of patients who had previously planned pregnancy and childbirth there.

Sections of the site

The site can also be useful not only for those who are looking for a good gynecology, but also for those who need a good doctor in a particular area. To search for "your" specialist, you can use the various sections at the top of the main page: they will be useful for high-quality search by various additional criteria.

  • The catalog contains all the main sections throughout the site. Choose the right one for a more accurate search.
  • Treatment abroad is also divided into areas. If you trust foreign experts, simply select what you need from subsections.
  • Promotions and discounts will always be useful to practical and thrifty women. In this subsection various special offers are collected, you can also add it by adding new promotions with the help of the special button “Offer an offer”.
  • Record to the doctor. Separate useful wide section with a large filter. It is possible to choose a specialist according to the following criteria: name, rating, length of service, cost, pediatrician, departure to home. In the "All specialties" column, select the desired doctor. Also there is a filter by metro and district.
  • If you are interested in useful additional information from the medical field, pay attention to the sections "News", "Poster" and "Diseases". In them you can read the latest news around the world in the field of health, as well as find out the necessary minimum for the main diseases.

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