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How to choose a rod?

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How to choose a rod?

The modern fishing gear market offers fishing rods of various types from various domestic and foreign manufacturers. That is why it is sometimes difficult to choose a good rod. To make a purchase of high-quality, convenient and durable rods, you should pay attention to a number of characteristics.

Choice of rod material

One of the important criteria when choosing a fishing rod is the material from which it is made, because its weight, sensitivity, and build depends on it. It is best to choose a feeder, Bologna, flywheel or other rod of carbon fiber. It is superior in performance to similar products made of fiberglass and bamboo. Fishing rods from this material are very flexible, lightweight and thinner, so they will provide you with a comfortable fishing.

You can also choose rods of carbon fiber and Kevlar - they have a lower price, and their flexibility is excellent. In addition, such products are able to withstand increased loads. With their help, you can perform accurate long-range casting, which will provide you with a good catch.

Rod length selection

Another important criterion rod - length.If you are a novice fisherman or have a small experience, then it is better to buy such products with a length of 3.5 to 4.5 meters. If you plan to fish in places overgrown with shrubs, then a rod of 3.1-3.4 meters will suffice. You can choose them by length in the case when fishing occurs in open places.

The choice of the

Today there are rods of soft, hard and combined order. The first type of fishing rod has a hollow top. Such anglers have smooth flexibility, so they are completely bent under load. They are suitable for catching bream, crucian carp and fish with a soft mouth.

Hard rods provide a bend only in the upper knee, so you can quickly respond to the hooking.Fishing rodThey are recommended for quick bites, including roach and bleak. Rods with a combined system should be chosen if you plan to catch big fish.

Additional tips

When deciding which rod to choose, you must also pay attention to the flow rings. It is better if they have chrome inserts. Also slide and fold the rod to appreciate the ease of use and rigidity.


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