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How to choose tires for the car?

Became before me the question of changing tires. I go to the summer tell me which is better to take tires for the winter and where to buy. What to pay attention to? Be sure to take with spikes? Do they interfere with driving on the road without snow
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Answered on December 12, 2017 23:45
Personally, I think that studded tires are needed for front-wheel drive vehicles that carry loads, such as a trailer or heavily load a trunk. You often carry a lot of weight in the trunk
Answered on December 12, 2017 23:53
My husband bought all-season tires and he rides great on it. Plus, saving is not necessary twice a year to go to the tire to spend time and pay money for a change of rubber and worry whether the rubber is suitable for the temperature outside
Answered on December 12, 2017 23:58
I used to use rubber separately for winter and for summer. There were difficulties with its storage in the off-season and both sets were worn out significantly. Now I choose which one to buy will be the least expensive for me. I was interested in all-season tires Yes, and two sets of finance, I can not master
Answered on December 15, 2017 16:08
I have studied this question since summer, because I did not want to make a decision in a hurry. The most important thing winter tires should do is ensure good adhesion to the road surface at low temperatures.
Answered on December 15, 2017 16:15
Initially, I also wanted to buy all-season tires for myself, but I heard that they have a long stopping distance and in the summer they are noisy to ride, although I did not believe it. Still, I chose high-quality winter tires from an elastic material with a deep pattern, and this is not a problem with storage at all. I live in Moscow, I think to ensure the seasonal storage of tires here Look, in your region should also be provided such a service.

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