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How to choose a Yorkshire Terrier?

The Yorkshire Terrier is an active, petite and very easily trainable dog. It is great for content in limited apartment conditions. And of course, the question of how to choose a Yorkshire terrier, worries all potential owners of this cute dog. If you still think about how to get yourself a Yorkshire terrier puppy, then you need to familiarize yourself with a few simple rules and features of this breed.

Yorkshire Terrier Tips

First you need to get acquainted with the breeders. It is even better if this happens even before the puppies are born. It is necessary to know, and it is better to see what conditions the puppies are in, to find out all the features of the parents, their character and health (this also entails a reflection in the individuality of the dog). When breeding Yorkshire terriers, it is important to take a very responsible approach to the number of puppies born in a year - there should not be too many of them. So if the seller has more than two or three puppies for sale, then you should look for another one.Also, the owner must demonstrate all the necessary documents that confirm the standards of the breeds of the two parents.

A Yorkshire terrier puppy is best to acquire at two or three months of age. Kids must be vaccinated, have a veterinary passport. Knowing how to choose the Yorkshire Terrier, you will protect yourself from the acquisition of a bloodless animal.

Breed standards

Now you need to ask the owner to tell in detail about the standards of Yorkshire terriers and explain more why mom and dad puppies and the puppies themselves correspond to them. In the question of how to choose York, you will be helped by knowing exactly what standards a dog of this breed should possess. The standard Yorkshire terrier is a miniature dog with smooth, long, falling on both sides of the fur. In no case should it be waves. Eyes should be shiny and dark, with a characteristic attentive and wary look. Bite - scissor and well built.

Pay attention to the color - as a rule, it should be dark golden brown or rich dark peach color.Where the hair is longer (the area around the ears and the head) the cover should be slightly darker. On the neck, the coat is usually lighter in color. The metallic dark shade of a thoroughbred Yorkshire Terrier stretches from the back of the head, to the back, and to the very tail. The tail of this dog should be completely covered with wool.

Dog behavior

Be sure to pay attention to how the puppy will move, whether it is active. A completely healthy Yorkshire terrier puppy is very agile and incredibly curious. He boldly plays with his sisters and brothers, is interested in all the things that surround him. If he is sitting for a long time or is not actively participating in games, it may well be that he has problems with his hind limbs or dysplasia of the joints. The fact of the matter is that the Yorkshire terriers are pretty much disposed towards this disease. There is a very simple technique to check the mental health of the dog - you should take a key ring with keys and throw it near the puppy. If suddenly the little terrier responds indifferently or gets scared - perhaps it is not all right.A healthy puppy of the Yorkshire Terrier, immediately rush to be interested in such a subject.

It is strongly recommended not to buy a Yorkshire terrier puppy in bird markets - it is a huge breeding ground for various infections, most unhealthy and weak animals are sold there, and documents often turn out to be fake, so exclude buying a dog in such places.

Now you know how to choose a Yorkshire terrier puppy, approach this issue very responsibly, because having tamed an animal, it becomes a full member of your family, and the family should be healthy.


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