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How to choose an epilator?

July 13, 2012
How to choose an epilator?

Summer came and many women began to fight for the smoothness of the legs. You can, of course, shave your legs and bikini area, but the hairs will grow in a couple of days, or even the next day. An unpleasant stiff bristle will appear, which will need to be shaved again. Therefore, many women remove hair with an epilator, which removes hair for a long time - it is enough to carry out the procedure once a month.

Unlike a razor, which simply cuts off the part of the hair that is above the skin's surface, the epilator with the help of small tweezers pulls the hair along with the bulb. To form a new onion, it takes quite a long time. Many women complain that the procedure of epilation is quite painful. Modern devices are equipped with special devices that reduce pain. On the shelves of stores you can find a large number of epilators from different companies and in different price categories. Let's take a look at how to choose a good epilator and what should be taken into account.

How to choose an epilator? Advice

  • The pain of epilation scares many women. If you are one of them, then pay attention to the special painkillers available in some models of modern epilators. For example, Philips and Roventa epilators are equipped with special massage brushes that massage the skin from which the hair was removed. This significantly aggravates the pain. Another method of pain relief during epilation is cooling. The appliance comes with a special cooling glove, or a cooling nozzle, which you need to cool in the freezer. There are epilators that work in the water. Water will help reduce pain during hair removal. For removal of hair in intimate areas and armpits, special models of epilators are provided that stretch the skin and capture fewer hairs at a time. Choose an epilator according to your requirements.
  • How to choose the right epilator? Pay attention to the company. Do not purchase cheap devices from unknown Chinese firms that will stop turning on in a few days. Buy products of proven companies that will last you a long time.
  • If you are going to take the epilator out of town or on a camping trip, pay attention to whether it has a function of working on batteries or batteries, without connecting to the network. Also in the configuration should be a bag for storage and transportation of the device.
  • It is better to buy models that have 2 or more speeds. At low speeds, hair can be removed in hard-to-reach or sensitive places, at high speed, for example, on the legs.
  • Some models have additional attachments designed for hair removal on different parts of the body: bikini area, armpits, legs. If you want to epilate only the legs, purchase a basic model without attachments.

We hope that now it will be easier for you to choose a good epilator. Have a nice shopping!


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