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How to choose and where to buy a crib with drawers

In the first days of birth, the baby spends most of the day in the crib — it sleeps up to 18 hours. As you grow, the cot becomes a place for games, a secluded corner. The baby must be provided with a comfortable sleep, and the older child also has a comfortable personal space, his own "house". Today you can find different models of beds - by type of cradle, playpen or transformers. There is also a crib with drawers, on klubok.com (and this is the largest bulletin board in Ukraine), they are very popular. Therefore, consider this version in more detail.

Cot with drawers

The addition of a bed with drawers or a chest of drawers is a “magic wand” for parents. In them, you can put children's clothes, underwear or toys. In addition, the presence of an additional compartment significantly saves the space of small rooms, since it eliminates the need to purchase cabinets or bedside tables. And it saves money.Most teenage beds also have drawers.

How to choose?

A baby bed with drawers brings comfort, but not all such products are the same. A quality cot must meet certain criteria:

  1. Made from high quality materials. The first requirement for materials - environmental friendliness. Only environmentally friendly materials will minimize the risk of developing allergies in babies. A pullout bed box is usually made from chipboard or from the same material as the product itself. The second option is definitely stronger, has a presentable appearance, but is more expensive.

  2. Choose a model with boxes of optimal size. Of course, the size of the drawers depends on the size of the bed itself. Capacities are hidden under the walls or made so that they coincide with them in width. In addition, the boxes are deep or shallow.

  3. Suitable design. Beds are sold with an open drawer design and closed - when all sides of the additional compartment are hidden by panels. There are with one large compartment around the perimeter or with compartments.

  4. Boxes must be securely fastened. If the mounting on the product is wooden or plastic, it is better not to buy such a bed. Pay attention to the model with iron screws. It is desirable that the boxes are mounted on metal hinges and fully extended. If they have wheels, check the mechanism of their movement. Qualitative advances silently and easily.

  5. Security. In the configuration should not be small parts, and the inevitable - tightly twisted. It is necessary that the box is completely closed, and the child could not get injured because of the opened box or fall at all. On the surface of the bed should not be chips that can scratch the child.

  6. Aesthetics. Beautiful appearance has both kids and adults, harmoniously complementing the interior. Many children's beds are made in some style. Often used as cartoon characters in design. Popular: sea, pirate, sports, zoological topics.


Inexpensive to buy new and used beds for a newborn child and for a teenager can be on the bulletin board klubok.com.See also such a practical option as a crib with a dresser, klubok.com notes sufficient popularity of these models. The cost of the product depends on the configuration, configuration, quality of materials, appearance, degree of wear. However, prices even for new models of beds are lower than in stores.


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