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How to choose the area for home purchase

Suppose you are going to buy a house. What should proceed, choosing the area in which you will live? How to choose an area for home purchase and not lose?

Criteria for choosing the area to stay

Some townspeople - especially this is characteristic of still very young people - when choosing the area in which they would like to live, they start only from the question of its prestige. In fact, far from always advertised residential complexes in reality prove to be as beautiful as in glossy booklets. Currently, construction is so intense that high-rise buildings are being erected in environmentally disadvantaged areas. Of course, no one will tell the potential buyer that it is simply not safe to live there.
If you intend to buy housing in which you will live with your family and children, then you should think about how far from home - and better, within walking distance from it, there are shops, kindergartens, schools.However, one should pay attention to the presence of green spaces not far from home, and the existence of a properly equipped playground, and how quiet this area is.
It is very important how developed the transport network is in the area where you would like to live. Being close to home, public transport stops may seem irrelevant for those traveling by private car. In fact, sometimes it is much more convenient to get to work on the subway than to spend a couple of hours standing in a traffic jam in your own area.

What to look for when choosing an area to stay

Having decided on what area you would like to live in, be sure to visit it several times, including weekends and evenings. Try to objectively evaluate how convenient and safe this area will be for you and your family. It may be useful for you to talk with the residents of the houses near the apartment in which you look. In this sense, retired old women can be especially useful - they always know everything about everyone and can tell you the pure truth about the situation in the area.
Suppose you have chosen for yourself a cozy bright apartment, whose windows overlook the square. Before you finally decide on its purchase, try to make sure that construction is not planned at the site of the public garden if you do not want to suffer from noise around the clock and enjoy the view of the construction site.

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