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How to choose the color of the laminate?

Andrey Kresrerev
Andrey Kresrerev
February 26, 2015
How to choose the color of the laminate?

It is no secret that a well-chosen color of the floor is able to transform a room, whereas an unfortunate combination of colors can give it an awkward look. Moreover, it can expose its shortcomings. In our article we will focus on the choice of color laminate. We will consider how to choose the color of the laminate in such a way that the room looked spectacular and made a pleasant impression.

Selection of color laminate: tips

To correctly choose the color of the laminate, you must first understand that the laminate is usually selected on the basis of the general color concept of the room. For example, if the room is made in quiet semi-dark tones, then the laminate should be combined with it. Conversely, if there are mostly light shades in the room, then the laminate should be light. This approach is explained not only by avoiding a strong contrast, but also by an aesthetic measure. The fact is that because of the high contrast, the dust that will settle on the floor will become more noticeable.

  • If you want to lighten the room, this is just a reason to use a laminate of light colors and shades. Such a laminate will reflect the light, give the room freshness and make it more visually. But remember that the lighter the floor, the colder the room will look.
  • In the general case, designers recommend choosing the color of the laminate to the color of the doors and furniture. You can choose a color that is lighter or darker to make the floor stand out from the crowd. This will make it look more spectacular.
  • To correctly choose the laminate in color, you can pay attention to other areas in your apartment or house. To choose the color of the laminate should be a tone darker or lighter, but so that it is not strongly conspicuous. This is especially true of adjacent areas, which are covered with linoleum.
  • Finally, you can use neutral, versatile colors that will suit any room. For example, beige, light yellow, delicate olive.

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