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How to choose the perfect broom for a bath?

Bath is one of the best ways to relax and strengthen your health. The first mention of it dates back to the 6th millennium BC. In the ancient treatises, it was stated that such a way of relaxation provides not only an opportunity to purify the body, but also to gain clarity of mind, strength, beauty, youth, and for men - the close attention of women.

Over time, bath procedures have evolved from a way to wash into a real ritual, one of the main attributes of which is a bath besom. And if you want the effect of visiting the steam room to be really noticeable, it is important to buy the right “tool”.

Indispensable thing

The blows with steaming brooms act akin to massage, improving blood circulation, sweating and metabolic processes. Moderate temperature drops allow you to clear the body of harmful substances and effectively clean the pores.

In addition, the nutrients contained in the leaves of the brooms are excellent antimicrobial agents,helping to cope with colds and improve the body's defenses. And essential oils have a beneficial effect on the skin, making it more elastic and taut.

How to choose a broom that will make the procedure of visiting a sauna or a bath not only pleasant, but also useful?

Connoisseurs recommend, if possible, to use a thing made of fresh branches, so all useful substances will be preserved in it. Those who are going to harvest such attributes on their own, do it better in the middle of summer and always in dry weather.

If you go shopping, then pay attention to a few important points:

  1. Proper design. Inside should be thicker twigs, and thin them to frame.
  2. Leaves, if they are fresh, should be clean, free from damage and plaque. Dry sheets should also have uniform color without mold.
  3. The weight. Try to lift and wave a few brooms, choosing a lighter one. So you will not get tired arm, and bath attribute will not leave painful marks on the skin.

Having come to the bath, it is also important to properly prepare the "tool". To do this, you need to know how to steam it.To a broom was flexible enough and soft, and the leaves did not fall off after a few strokes, it is necessary to follow several rules:

  1. Fresh broom steam can not be, it is enough to rinse with water.
  2. Dried can be done in two ways:
  • Before use, rinse with water, put in a container with hot water, cover with a lid or bowl, and allow to stand for 20 minutes, periodically turning over;
  • put in a container of hot water, pick up after 15 minutes and hold it over the hot stones in the steam room.

The water left after steaming is not poured, but used as a conditioner for hair. It helps to eliminate dandruff and make hair more sturdy.

Main varieties

Now let's find out what kind of brooms are and what to choose:

Birch.It is quite light and flexible, which allows for an active massage in the steam room. When buying it, look for the branches to be “fluffy”. Using a birch broom helps to relieve pain in muscles and joints (especially effective after physical exertion and exercise), reduce manifestations of purulent eruptions and heal wounds.

Particularly useful whipping procedures will be for those who smoke and have chronic respiratory illnesses. Essential substances that make up the leaves and branches of birch, expand the bronchi, facilitating the process of breathing, and removing stagnant sputum.

Oak. It absorbs sweat worse, but it makes it possible to sweat enough, as it provides a strong heat. Among other advantages, they also note the beneficial effect of tannins in dermatological diseases and excessive sweating. And the owners of oily skin, such procedures will help eliminate inflammation, give haze and elasticity.

Conifer(spruce, cedar, juniper, fir). These are natural, useful, but at the same time dangerous “tools”. Since most of them have needles, during the procedures they can not only prick, but also injure the skin. It is best not to whip, but gently drive over the skin, like a washcloth. Resins excreted in the process have a beneficial effect on the body as a whole and help with various inflammations and rashes.

Lime. It is not as popular as the previous ones, but also has a whole list of useful properties.Use of a broom from a linden helps to get rid of headaches, promotes healing of wounds, helps in the course of treatment of disease of kidneys.

Bath - a good way to become healthier. Let such procedures give you real pleasure, and whipping with a broom will help get rid of ailments.

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