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How to choose the perfect haircut

Beautiful and well-groomed hair is an important aspect of a woman's appearance, by which you can tell exactly how much a woman is trembling to take care of herself.

There comes a time when the usual form of hair that repeats year after year begins to bore you, you want to get out of the daily shackles of mediocrity, and to appear before your friends and colleagues in a completely new, but, importantly, charming and ideal image that is achieved through a cardinal change of haircut .

How to choose the perfect haircut

But along with the young and fresh idea of ​​renewing yourself, there are a lot of worries that are well founded, because you can trim chic long locks to get extravagant quads, and then find that it does not fit, but only spoils the whole appearance.

And so many people send such thoughts to the far corner, and without risking, they remain with their habitual hairstyle, indeed, it is not easy to grow the length again, it can take not a month or two, but several years, to do this.

How to choose the right haircut for yourself so that you don’t have to regret it? After all, you want to stay stylish and fashionable, haircuts also have their own trends and trends that every self-respecting fashionista tries to follow.

If we turn back to history, then it can be noted that those concepts of beauty that were adopted many centuries ago now seem ridiculous and absurd, and some trends, on the contrary, again shine with their popularity and relevance.

Earlier, great importance was attached to hair, precious stones, gold and pearl threads were woven into the braids, ladies could wear huge hairpieces and even frames to match the canons of beauty.

What to look for when choosing a haircut

Now, everyday haircuts and hairstyles look much simpler and more natural, the main thing is to choose the right shape and volume, which helps to hide the flaws in appearance, at the same time, beautifying and expressing all the advantages: expressive cheekbones, big eyes or beautiful skin color.

What to look for when choosing a haircut?

In order to rid yourself of painful thoughts, and also, from unsuccessful decisions, it is necessary to base on two main factors - the shape of the face and the type of hair.How to determine the shape of the face, as well as what type of hairstyle fits each of the types, let's talk below.

The easiest way to determine the shape of your own face is to go to the mirror, after combing your hair back and writing something, for example, with a pencil for your lips, along the contour of your reflection.

When you take a few steps back, you can quite clearly form your opinion regarding the shape of your face. If you do not want to smudge a mirror, or this way was not effective enough for you, then we will try to decide on the visual features. To be more precise, it is necessary to determine the ratio of different parts of the face.

If you are the owner of an oval-type face, then you can congratulate you, you are close to the ideal, which is sought by so many girls. In an oval face, the width of the forehead should be almost the same as the width of the chin. Girls with this appearance fit almost all types of haircuts, even a short hedgehog, though long and curly ringlets, by the way, you can experiment with curls in plenty.

Girls with a round face should have a smooth chin, which flows into plump cheeks, as well as a slightly curved line of hair.This type of face is best decorated with medium-length haircuts, in order to stretch your face a little, you can play with cascading and stepped haircuts a little, if you are a fan of bangs, you can thin out and cut it to the side, but in no case be left even.

How to choose a haircut photo

The face of a triangular shape is quite simple to determine: it is narrowed to the bottom and expands in the forehead area. For such a shape of the face, perfect haircuts, large curled locks in the chin area, as well as fringe haircuts are perfect. It happens that triangular features are inherent in some angularity, then it is better to keep clear geometric lines in the haircut.

The square shape of the face is inherent in a wide face, square jaw, and a strictly straight hairline. For this type of face structural haircuts are best, strands of different lengths, but straight haircuts and straight bangs just do not decorate girls with this shape of the face.

Representatives of the elongated face are characterized by the same width of the forehead and chin, but at the same time, they still have an elongated shape. On such a face, it would be best to look at the presence of bangs, as well as a small or short, asymmetrical haircut.Long and straight hair, high tail - these are not options for an elongated face.

By the way, in order not to suffer for a long time, you can pick up a haircut using a computer; such a service has been provided for quite some time by major hairdressers and beauty salons, and it is absolutely free.

If you want to see at home which haircut will suit you, then programs such as Cosmopolitan or Adobe Photoshop can help you, where you can modify not only the length of the hair, but also their color, shape, and even complement them with various accessories.

Perfect haircut photo

If you are not strong in computer science, then at a large hair salon, at your request, you will be selected a hairstyle, you can choose the hair length you need, styling features, color of the strands and roots, such programs can even give recommendations on the correct make-up for the chosen type. haircuts.

Haircut depending on the type of hair

To make your chosen haircut look perfect, you must also consider the type of your hair. If, for example, you have thin and brittle hair, then it is better not to grow long curls, but to focus on structural haircuts, they will give your hair extra volume.

If you have curly hair, then you can stay on a medium-length haircut, but it is better to avoid bangs, but for straight hair, stepped haircuts will fit in a semicircle.

The most successful ones are medium-structured hair, almost all hairstyles will suit them, and various styling will also last for a long time. Heavy hair is best periodically milled, so that at least some period kept the volume and shape.

How to choose the right haircut for a child?

There will come a moment when the little fidget will also have to be cut, to decide on the shape of the haircut and the length. The younger generation, just like adults, are quite sensitive to their appearance, therefore, when choosing a haircut for a child, it is necessary to rely on the same factors as when choosing an adult hairstyle - the type of face and hair.

However, it is better to avoid long bangs, and also to rely on your own employment, if you understand that you will not have time to braid the child with braids and tails every day, then it is better to dispense with a square that does not require a lot of time for styling, will not interfere during the games.

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