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How to choose the perfect lawnmower?

The lawn mower is a grass trimmer. To have a beautiful lawn on your plot, you need to take care of it regularly. In the market of lawn mowers there are many such mechanisms for cutting grass (lawn), flower beds or garden.

Choosing a lawnmower, you need to pay attention to what area you need to process, taking into account your physical abilities. In most cases, the lawn mower looks like a four wheel cart with a handle and a motor (for mechanical models without it).

The cart moves on wheels and cuts the grass with knives. The disadvantages include the fact that they can not be used on rocky areas, and they work only on flat, where there are no holes and hills.


  • petrol;
  • electrical;
  • rechargeable;
  • mechanical (manual).

The first two types can be self-propelled, that is, the task of the user is only to direct the mower in the right direction.

Gas mowers

Mowers equipped with a gasoline engine is most convenient to use if you need to mow the grass in large and medium-sized areas.It is also possible to use this mower even in remote areas where there is no electricity.

As far as power is concerned, they are stronger than electrical ones, so they can work for hours, without interruptions, and without risk of ruining the engine. Accordingly, the mowing time and vegetation will be much less, compared to electric. Such a lawn mower requires timely service, that is, it needs to be filled with gasoline and oil in time.

The motors of most of these scythes are equipped with a prime starting system of easy start. This helps to quickly start the engine after a long idle. They are also equipped with electronic ignition, so there is no need to adjust it.

Due to the fact that the gasoline mower has a greater weight than the electric one, it is a little more difficult to control. The main load is on the hands, so for women, teenagers and the elderly, it will be more difficult to work with such mowers.

Electric mowers

The advantage of such mowers is their low noise level, environmental friendliness and saving material resources (electricity is cheaper than gasoline).

The disadvantages include:

  1. During operation, you must constantly carry a power cable that constantly clings to something.
  2. Low engine power.
  3. Low speed mowing vegetation.
  4. It is forbidden to work in the rain.


If you do not want to be confused in the wires, then you can consider the opportunity to purchase just such a lawn mower. It has almost the same advantages as the electric one. The only difference is that the battery may run down, and it will take some time to charge it. But to prevent this problem, you can buy a second battery.


This lawnmower is designed for small and neat lawns. Externally, it is a cart on two wheels. The main work items in it are:

  • hair clippers;
  • collector;
  • roller, contributing to the stability of the unit;
  • twisting blades.


  • environmental Safety;
  • no limit extension;
  • ease of construction;
  • ideal evenness of a hairstyle;
  • lack of noise;
  • lowest cost.

Disadvantages include its rather low productivity and difficulties when working with tall grass.Therefore, it is better to use them to maintain order on the more accurate lawns.

How to choose the best?

Choosing a lawn mower, you need to pay attention to such characteristics:

  • Power. Choose a lawnmower with the most powerful engine. With very thick grass on the lawn, the mower's nominal revolutions decrease and it begins to tear. And for powerful engines this is not a problem, because they have a good margin.
  • Deca. The greater the depth of the deck, the better for the gardener. High sides form a more powerful airflow and lossless vegetation accumulates in the collection box. Aluminum is the best material for a deck, because it lasts longer and does not rust.
  • Knife and blades. The wide blade and blades of the lawnmower create a more powerful airflow. To cut the grass without jerks, it is necessary that the knife was well sharpened. Knives should be sharpened in special service centers, because it is quite difficult to do this on your own.
  • Beveling functions. Mowers cut the grass in three ways.
  1. With the release of vegetation to the side or back. The disadvantage of this method is that after mowing the grass, you need to manually collect it from the lawn.
  2. The mowed grass is collected in the collection box.In this case, it goes to the place intended for it, and the lawn thus looks neat and well-groomed.
  3. Mulching, in which the grass is crushed to very fine particles, and evenly distributed over the lawn. This solves several problems: at the output, natural fertilizers are obtained and by themselves, the problem of harvesting mown grass disappears. It is recommended to buy a model that has these 3 modes.
  • The wheels of the lawnmower. The movement of the mower depends on the size and design of the wheels. It is best to purchase a sample with the largest diameter. The larger the wheels, the easier the mower rolls on the lawn. Plus, they do not greatly harm the grass cover. In addition, the wheels on the bearings are much more reliable than on conventional axles.
  • Collector. Some mowers have a hard collection box, others are soft. It is best to purchase it with a hard grass collector, because it is easier to clean. The mowed grass from it gets enough sleep. Soft grass collectors are equipped only with powerful lawn mowers. The air flow in them is so strong that it eliminates the loss of mown grass before the grass catcher enters.
  • Pens.Most models are equipped with folding handles. This allows you not to take up much space in the house during storage. And gathering a mower and preparing it for work will not take long.
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