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How to clean the injector?

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How to clean the injector?

Every car owner knows that sooner or later the injector will need cleaning. After all, nozzles that carry out fuel injection, no matter how modern they are, somehow coke. Combustion products and high temperatures do their dirty deed, and in case of untimely cleaning of the nozzles, they may become unusable. Next, we analyze how to clean the injector and what is needed for this.

How to clean the injector yourself

At the moment there are two ways to clean the injectors. The first is to dismantle the injector from the engine and perform the nozzle cleaning. The second - more simple, involves cleaning the injector without dismantling. Let us examine each of them separately. It is worth noting that the injector of the car should be checked regularly, at least twice a year to change the season (from winter to summer and vice versa).

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Injector cleaning without dismantling

This method involves the purchase of additives for fuel. You need to choose a specialized additive to clean the injector.It is best to consult with a specialist on this matter, since everything depends on the novelty of the engine parts and the life of the machine. An important role is played by the fuel standard. You need to buy an additive that is suitable for your case, otherwise it will not be effective.

Add an additive before filling the tank with gasoline. Nothing more is required. However, it is worth noting that many experts consider this method of cleaning nozzles as ineffective. It is only a preventive measure and no more.

Injector cleaning by dismounting

This method is more effective than the first. The advantages of dismantling the injector include:

  • Ability to evaluate injector defects and all parts of the injector;
  • Thorough cleaning;
  • Isolated from other parts of the engine work.

In order to clean the injector you will need technical acetone, which can be purchased at many household chemical stores, as well as a five-block syringe, a plastic container for food. It is advisable to use gloves (medical or construction). Specialists, as a rule, use special equipment and tools for cleaning the injection system. However, it is easy to clean the injector, and even a novice can handle this procedure.

Consider the cleaning process in detail:

  1. Take a syringe for five cubes or higher.
  2. Trim the tip of the syringe so that acetone can be injected into the nozzle opening.
  3. Next, make a bath for injectors. To do this, you can use a plastic container for food, which will need to be filled with acetone.
  4. After cleaning the injectors, flush the entire injector with a syringe.
  5. As a result, the sprayer must produce fog - this indicates that the flushing was done qualitatively.

At the end of the procedure, rinse your hands in hot water. Remember that acetone fumes are poisonous and inhaling is not recommended. It is better to carry out this procedure in medical gloves. In no case can not be used in the future for food plastic container.


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