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How to close all windows?

Anna Sivokon
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How to close all windows?

When a user works on the Internet, then most often he opens simultaneously several browser windows or tabs. In his opinion, the work takes place in a convenient and accelerated mode. However, if the user installs a certain number of applications or programs, the installer may require him to close all open browser windows for a more correct installation. Let's take a closer look at how to close all browser windows.

So, you can close all browser windows in the following ways:

  1. Close all windows at once.
  2. Hotkeys Alt + F4.
  3. The cross in the upper right corner of the program.
  4. Closing tabs one by one
    • Hot keys Ctrl + F4; CTRL + W.
    • Left-click on the cross in the right corner of the tab.

Visible browser windows are closed, but the program still refuses to continue the installation, and demands to close the windows again, choose:

  • Task Manager�> CTRL + SHIFT + ESC.
  • Hotkeys: CTRL + ALT + DELETE - �Start Task Manager.�

Sometimes it is worth resorting to more serious measures. It depends on the user's operating system settings.

  1. So, you need to go to the tab "Processes". (The processes that are currently being executed by the system will be displayed here.)
  2. Next, click on the button "Display processes for all users." Then select and click on the caption "Image Name". (The user will facilitate his search by arranging the processes in alphabetical order.)
  3. The next step, depending on which browser a person uses for work, needs to find such file names as, for example, firefox.exe, opera.exe, chrom.exe, iexplorer.exe and the like.
  4. Next, use the mouse to select the desired process and, accordingly, confirm its completion.

Consider another case: the user is required to minimize all browser windows, while not closing them. Such a need may arise, for example, when a person reads a personal message, but at the same time does not want strangers to see them. To also select another program, for example, it can be a Word document, you should use a keyboard shortcut like ALT + TAB. In order to minimize all browser windows and at the same time see the �Desktop�, you need to click on WIN + M or on WIN + D.

Now you know how to close all windows (browser, OS).Enjoy your time!


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