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How to congratulate Tatiana on her holiday?

Every year on January 25, the Orthodox Church honors the holy martyr Tatiana of Rome. It so happened that on this day another young, but very energetic and cheerful holiday, the Students' Day, was born.

All the fair sex, who at birth was named Tatyana, as well as all the students who, as you know, love to have fun, ask one question: how to celebrate this day in an unusual and creative way, and, preferably, with minimal financial costs, because As you know, students do not stay long money.

History and features of the holiday

Before you figure out how to celebrate Tatiana's Day, it would not hurt, at least a little, to know how it originated and what this event is connected with. As we have said, St. Tatiana is revered on this day, but why exactly is she?

If you believe the story, the girl Tatiana was born in a noble family, where she was brought up from the very childhood according to the principles of Christianity.Having reached the age of majority, Tatiana decided to devote herself and her life to those who need help: the girl helped the poor and cared for the sick, and a few years later became the prioress in the temple.

After Alexander Sever came to power in Rome, stormy persecution of Christians began in the country: everything was exterminated; unfortunately, Tatiana's family did not avoid the terrible fate. By giving, it was seized by pagans and tortured for a long time, urged to renounce faith and belief, however, it was adamant.

Congratulate necessarily

Every time when pagans subjected her to terrible tortures, God bestowed healing on her, many inexplicable miracles occurred that gave Tatiana the strength to withstand the next tests. Some of the executioners, who were struck by her perseverance and faith, went over to her side, but everything was in vain: Tatiana and all her supporters were sentenced to death. Over time, the martyr Tatiana was canonized.

As you can see, in the whole history there is no connection between St. Tatiana and the students, which is surprising, why then is it considered to be the patroness of this particular stratum of society? And the reason is this: on that day in 1755 the Empress Elizabeth issued and signed a decree on the opening of the first Russian university in Moscow.Over time, the tradition has become popular among the people - to celebrate the student holiday on Tatiana's Day, because, in fact, it is: January 25th can be considered the birth date of all Russian students.

How was Tatiana's Day celebrated?

The first time the holiday was celebrated very limited, it was celebrated in the church of St. Tatiana, and only from the middle of the XIX century did the celebrations take on a more solemn form. The day always began with a traditional prayer service, after that the students gathered in the common room, the university rector addressed with a solemn speech, rewarded all especially prominent personalities and presented awards, after that a festive dinner awaited everyone.

But at this holiday, of course, did not end there: after lunch, students flocked to the Hermitage restaurant, where they had fun, with all the pranks and entertainment that had been laid.

Employees of the restaurant, knowing how such events usually take place, even cleaned expensive dishes in advance, replacing it with more simple ones. After the revolution, the holiday was canceled, and it was returned back in 1992 on the initiative of the then rector of Moscow State University.

Signs and customs

Since Tatiana's day was celebrated long before the appearance of its second meaning, many folk traditions will be associated with this holiday and will.For example, it was believed that if it was snowing on this day, then it would be rainy to fly, and if the sun was too early on Tatyana's day, then this indicated early arrival of the birds.

If there was a birthday girl in the house on that day, then they definitely baked a loaf, in the shape of which they guessed her future. If the loaf turned out smooth and smooth, then it was a good and peaceful year, if you climbed up with a knoll, life would go uphill, but if it cracked, you need to wait for the tests.

Cute postcard

The main student tradition is to celebrate this day well and brightly, because the more active the feast will be, the easier it will be to learn and take the session. Another tradition is to call Sharu on this day. Everything is simple: you just need to stick out of the window, wave your student's record book and shout loudly: "Balloon, come!".

It is believed that this method attracts luck on the upcoming exam. And, most importantly, in Tatiana's day, in no case, you can not take up textbooks and notes, even if the next day should be an exam! It needs to be fun and cheerful, accepting congratulations and giving them away to the rest.

How do you celebrate Tatiana's day today?

Naturally, for the 25th of January for the students is the holy of holies, and therefore, on this day all the young people involved in such a holiday try to celebrate it as clearly as possible.If you still do not know how to congratulate your friends on the Day of the Student, then perhaps one of the accepted traditions will help you.

The most common option today is a noisy party in a hostel or a joint trip to the club, where theme parties are held every year with many contests and unusual games.

Sometimes such a holiday is celebrated directly at the university: concerts are arranged, congratulatory wall newspapers and pictures are hung, students exchange funny postcards or hand in comic letters: “For a high level of cheating”, “For a healthy sleep in any situation” and so on.

Students love holidays

You can prepare unusual jokes, organize an interesting quest, including in it points of communication with teachers or order a comic greeting on university radio.

If you want this Tatiana's day to really be remembered by you, you can organize a joint photo session with the group, arrange an excursion to another city, or arrange a joint campaign for a large company. For this fit any place: bowling, cinema, paintball, karting, billiards and much more.

In general, do not forget that the students are a wonderful and bright time, and therefore it does not matter how you will celebrate this holiday, the main thing is a good mood and a great company, which, in fact, always accompanies real students.

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