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How to connect 2 subwoofers?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
November 17, 2014
How to connect 2 subwoofers?

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How to connect 2 subwoofers?

For true music lovers, sound is always small, and therefore they tune their loudspeaker system at full power. One of the basic elements of improving the quality of sound is a subwoofer - a device that makes low frequencies sound particularly impressive. In this case, some music lovers of one subwoofer is not enough, and this article is just for those who want to achieve the maximum sound. In it we will tell how to connect two subwoofers.

Determine the location

An important role in the quality and sound effect is the location of the subwoofers. For example, if you place subwoofers in the corners of a room, you can achieve a “booming” sound, and if you place sabs along the walls, the bass will become the main note of the tracks being played. In both cases, the subwoofers must be located at a distance from each other, rather than close, in this case, the sound will be surround.


The problem is to connect two subwoofers to the computer, no, each of them is equipped with an audio cable and a power cable.Audio cables must be connected to the appropriate sockets of the system unit, and the power cables, which usually end with the simplest "plug", plug into the sockets. Here, in general, and all the manipulations.


So, your subwoofers are connected and workable, now you need to put some “bass” song to play and, assessing the sound quality, find the perfect location of the speakers.

As you can see, it is very simple to connect 2 subwoofers to a computer, and perhaps the most difficult task is to achieve a harmonious sound. Unfortunately, it can only be solved by trial and error.


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