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How to connect a font?

Julia Agafonova
Julia Agafonova
November 26, 2014
How to connect a font?

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How to connect a font?

Standard fonts can work on sites as standard. To connect a non-standard font, you need to visit the site with web fonts. The most popular of these is, therefore, the author should rely on the functionality of this site.

The article How to install fonts in Word to install fonts in Windows will help you a lot.

So, how to connect the font to your site:

  1. Visit the Google Fonts page.
  2. In the sidebar (side column) on the left, adjust the font search filters as needed. If Russian will be used, be sure to select Cyrillic (Cyrillic) in the “Script” block.
  3. Choose the right font.
  4. The appearance of the font is a button with an arrow - “Quick Use”, click on it.
  5. Select font styles. The author recommends that you check the checkboxes opposite the Normal 400, Normal 400 Italic and Bold 700 styles.
  6. Select a font alphabet. (Latin must be highlighted and if the site is Russian Cyrillic (Cyrillic).)
  7. Choose the way to connect the font to the site: HTML codes (it should be inserted into the header of the site before the tag)CSS (insert in any place of the file except for the note) or JavaScript (insert before the tag or into a separate .js file and connect it to the header)
  8. Write the font name in CSS or site styles (if not using CSS).

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