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How to connect a shower cabin?

Galina Mirzahmedova
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How to connect a shower cabin?

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How to connect a shower cabin?

After repairs in the bathroom and the acquisition of necessary equipment often raises the question of how to connect a shower cabin. After all, it takes up much less space than a bath, and therefore is in great demand. Decide on the choice of your ideal booth, our article will help you - Which showers are better.

The big advantage is that the shower can be independently connected to the sewage system and water supply. On the rules of its assembly can be found in the article - How to assemble a shower cabin. Next, we consider the detailed instructions.

How to connect the shower to the sewer

The installed cabin of the cab is connected to the drain with flexible hoses, it is desirable that they have a reserve of length. Normal flow is ensured by laying a pipe under an incline.

If the effluent riser is located at a great distance from the cabin, then it is better to additionally connect the waste pump.You can get a lot of tips on placing the booth in our article - How to install a shower cabin.

How to connect to the water supply

Connect the cabin to the water supply is also not difficult. First, shut off the water valve, and then make, in fact, the connection. To do this, use special plumbing pipes, adapters and connectors, and fix the clamps and fastening systems. To tighten the bolts need a wrench.


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