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How to connect Asus RT N12?

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How to connect Asus RT N12?

The router model rt n12 from the company Asus is the most popular model among all models of routers of this company. In this article we will look at how to connect this router, as well as provide instructions on the basic configuration.

Reset router settings

It is very important that the basic settings are reset before connecting to this model of router. To reset the settings, you must hold down the reset button. Press this button (it is located at the end of the device) and hold for 10 seconds. As soon as all indicators of the device come on, it will automatically restart and the basic settings will be reset.

Connecting the router

The router of this model is connected as easily as other routers. To do this, you need to use a network cable that connects to the LAN connector of the router, while the other end of the cable connects to the computer. After you turn on the router and wait for it to load, you can proceed to the configuration.

Configure the router

Login to the settings of the router is carried out in a standard way.To do this, open any browser and type in the search bar. Next you need to enter your username and password. In both cases, this is admin.

Then you need to act depending on whether you have an automatic ip, PPO or L2tp connection. You can find out what kind of connection your provider has from the contract with the provider. By selecting the appropriate type of connection, you can make further settings, namely enter the dns address, specify the gateway address and create a local area network, and also enter the mac-address. After you enter all the settings, you will need to restart the router. At this point, its connection and configuration will be completed.


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