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How to connect the fridge?

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How to connect the fridge?

Connect the refrigerator to the network - it would seem, what could be easier? Plug in the socket and that's it. However, if you connect incorrectly, a number of problems and malfunctions may arise, in connection with which your refrigerator will serve you much less than we would like.

Let's talk about how to connect the refrigerator to the network to avoid such unpleasant situations.

Instructions for connecting the refrigerator to the network

  1. Choose a place to install the refrigerator away from the elements of heat and water. The place should be dry, with a constant temperature and spacious, so that the back wall of the refrigerator and the wall of the room are a short distance from each other.
  2. The socket and plug must match exactly. In no case can not use adapters or tees. You need to check it in time and, if necessary, replace the outlet or choose another place for installation. Also be sure to check the wiring. If you suddenly noticed a malfunction, immediately call the warranty department or the mechanic who will replace everything himself and connect the refrigerator.Otherwise, you risk losing the warranty.
  3. Carefully read the instructions attached to the refrigerator. Especially with the recommended voltage clause. Check that it matches what you have. If the difference is great, then it will be necessary to use a special transformer.
  4. When connecting, make sure that the power cord is not pressed. Otherwise, problems with the further operation of the refrigerator cannot be avoided.
  5. When you first turn on the refrigerator must be left empty for several hours. Usually this time is recorded in the attached instructions. When the refrigerator is cooled to the desired temperature, it will be possible to clean the products.

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