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How to connect the Internet to live?

November 21, 2014
How to connect the Internet to live?

Nowadays, all mobile operators in the world provide mobile Internet services. An exception is not the company Life - mobile operator in Ukraine. However, not every user or new client of the cellular operator of the Life company knows how you can independently connect the Internet to Life.

Let us consider in more detail the solution to this problem.

How to connect the Internet on Life

Like many other mobile operators, Life has two options for connecting to an Internet service:

  • On mobile.
  • Using a usb modem.

Consider them in more detail.

Connect on mobile phone

To enable the Internet on your mobile phone, you must select the Internet tariff and pay for it. Then you also need to set up the Internet on your phone, registering in the settings the necessary data of the cellular operator. To do this, send an SMS to the number 123 with the text “Internet”. You can also request automatic configuration by sending the combination * 123 * 6 #.

After that, you can use the mobile Internet.Often the phone does not require Internet settings, simplifying work. The phone can also be connected to a computer and use its internet. However, it is better to use a usb modem.

Modem connection

To use Life’s Internet on a laptop or computer, it’s enough to purchase their usb-modem and connect it to a computer. After that, the drivers and applications for connecting to the Internet will be installed. You will only enter a PIN code, which is listed in the documentation, and you can use the Internet.


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