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How to connect tumanki?

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How to connect tumanki?

The most important in the fog lamps is the exact supply of light. This has a direct impact on the lighting of the road. After installing the PTF, it is of great importance how correctly the angle of incidence of the headlights will be adjusted, then even in bad weather at low speed of movement, fog can provide you with visibility on the road of ten meters.

It is worth noting that connecting the tumanok is not as difficult as it may seem, the main thing is the ability to handle the tools and knowledge of the location of the main components of the car. However, if you, as they say, "complete zero" in this matter, then the question of how to connect the tumanki, should be solved exclusively in the service station.

How to install fog lights? First, check to see if you have everything. To install tumanok need:

  • foglights,
  • 15 amp fuse,
  • electrical tape, wires,
  • relay and block PTF,
  • power button tumanok.

Wiring diagram

  1. First, remove the central panel, there you will see a pair of backlight bulbs, the light bulbs themselves will not be needed, you need to find the two-pin connector at the end of the wires.One of the contacts on the relay will be attached to it.
  2. Then take the first posting and attach it to the connector that you found, the other wire should be attached to the button.
  3. After that, it is necessary to conduct the wiring to the relay, so you should form a 12 volt circuit.
  4. The next step is to pull 87 contacts to the battery. It will be better if you put the fuse as close as possible to the battery.
  5. Contact 86 should be thrown on the body.
  6. And the final step will be the installation itself headlights. Each headlight has two wires - plus and minus. Negative need to throw on the body, but the plus with both headlights first connect, and then stretch to the battery. Then you need to lift it to the relay and connect it to connector number 30. Try to make it so that the wires are not visible.

That's the whole wiring diagram for the fog lights. You can check them out in action.


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