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How much to cook beets?

Irina Kosheleva
Irina Kosheleva
July 25, 2012
How much to cook beets?

Beets are a part of many dishes, so knowing how much to cook beets is a must. In addition, the beet itself has many useful properties that are best preserved during cooking or steaming.

Beetroot is a very hard vegetable, so the question of how much time to cook beets is very controversial. It all depends on what kind of dish it will be. If you need to cook beets, then to put in a salad, then it will take 40-50 minutes. It is not necessary to clean the beets, as well as to cut the tail. Pierce it with a fork or a sharp knife to check. If it gives in easily, the beet is ready.

If you are cooking beets in borsch, then here is an amateur. Some love the bright red borscht, the color that gives exactly beets. Then it should be added at the end, 20 minutes before the end. Conversely, those who love light orange borscht add it at the very beginning, immediately after the cabbage, so that it boils for 40 minutes.

Helpful advice

To clean the beets, put them in ice water and let them cool.

Beets are well preserved in the refrigerator for two days. On the third day, it starts to deteriorate and loses its healthy and taste qualities.

Bon Appetit!


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