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How to cook chicken breasts in a slow cooker: a photo of a chicken fillet recipe for a slow cooker

Photo recipe for chicken (breast) in a slow cooker

Multicooker - a completely universal device in the kitchen. Her "closest relatives" are rice cooking appliances invented in Asia. They have the same principle: in order to cook rice really well (and at the same time quickly), it must be swept by steam and heat from all sides.

Of course, in the multivariate you can cook not only rice. It is believed that chicken breast usually turns out very dry and is only suitable as minced meat for meatballs. But if you want to cook a chicken breast in a multivark, our recipe will help make it juicy and tender.

Chicken Breast in a Multivariate

Ingredients for cooking chicken in a slow cooker

  • chicken breasts (as much as you want, but the portion per person is usually 2 medium-sized, boneless breasts)
  • milk (depends on how large the breasts are taken, but about 0.6 l; fat content to taste, optimally - 2.5%)
  • salt and spices to taste (sage, thyme, rosemary and allspice are well suited)
  • multicooker

How to cook chicken breasts in a slow cooker: step by step photo instruction

  • Photo recipe for chicken (breast) in a slow cooker

  • Cut the breast into oblong pieces about 3 cm thick and place them in the main removable bowl of the multicooker. Bones in the breasts should not be. It is not necessary to take off the skin, the recipe assumes this possibility, if on these breasts chicken skin is thin enough; although this dish will be more high-calorie. But it depends primarily on your preferences. Fill the breasts with milk so that it completely covers them, salt and add all the spices.
  • Photo recipe for chicken (breast) in a slow cooker

  • Then turn on the mode “cooking at low temperature” (simmer or slow cook, if you have a non-Russified control program) for 1 hour. Cooking time may vary depending on the model of the multicooker, so it is best to periodically turn off the device, pull out the bowl and check the degree of readiness of the dish (for this, it is better to use long, thin wooden sticks that need to pierce the breast).
  • Photo recipe for chicken (breast) in a slow cooker

  • Sometimes they are afraid to do this when cooking dishes in a conventional oven - because the juice can flow out and the meat will be dry, but we use milk in the recipe, so we shouldn't have any dried breasts anyway.
  • An hour later, turn off the slow cooker and remove the bowl with breasts. Cool a little dish and lay the meat on a plate. The herbs with which the breasts were prepared (if fresh herbs were used, as in the photo, and not crushed from the dry mixture) are rarely spread along with the meat. It is better to decorate the dish already on the plate with fresh greens.
  • Photo recipe for chicken (breast) in a slow cooker

  • Delicate and juicy chicken fillet is ready! You can eat breasts as a side dish with a side dish, and you can chop it into a salad.

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