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How to cook tasty and curvy muffins?

For all those who like to eat something delicious, but not much to the tedious processes of culinary art, unusual muffins can be interesting - small American (or English) buns that look like cupcakes.

However, this is not the same thing, because in the latter, apart from raisins, jams or nuts, they usually do not add much, which cannot be said about muffins.

With nuts and chocolate

This simplest dessert, which every housewife can cope with, is baked in small tins, usually using sweet dough diluted with various interesting fillings, including fresh fruit. The usual muffin in size should not exceed 7-10 cm in diameter.

A few words about the story

In total, there were several versions of the possible origin of such delicious pastries: according to the first of them, the word “muffin” became famous in the 11th century in Great Britain, it is believed that at that time it came from the French “moufflet”, which translates as “soft bread”.

And they really are: well cooked, literally crumble in the mouth, presenting the world with a tender filling. According to the second version, the name of the dessert is associated with the German word "muffe", which means "one type of bread."

With strawberry

By the way, there really are some recipes for muffins that suggest dough that is moderate in sweetness, something even like bread, as well as exceptionally useful additives - oatmeal, wheat, raisins, whole meal, and so on. The first representatives of such pastries were not as sweet as they prefer to cook today and, naturally, did not have such a variety of types and fillings.

Due to the fact that they quickly grew stale, they became widespread only in the middle of the 20th century, by the way, around the same time, networks of restaurants began to be created, something like coffee houses, offering consumers different types of muffins.

Juicy dough

If you are interested in how to cook delicious muffins, then you should find out that they are of two main types: English and American. First of all, they differ in the method of preparation: for the first they use yeast dough, and for the second they use soda or baking powder for baking.

Basic cooking secrets

It is quite natural that every housewife, who is going to undertake cooking some food, and even more so, dessert, wants to achieve the highest possible results, so that the result will please all family members.

In order that such a simple delicacy, like muffins, you got from the first time, as a professional confectioner, we have prepared for you several important tips.

  • Muffins are prepared in special small molds, the same as for making cupcakes. They have small ribbed edges, can be paper, silicone or metal. To make the ready-made buns easily move away from the molds, it must be pre-greased with melted butter and sprinkled with flour.
  • The oil used to make the dough should be hard and cold, right out of the fridge so that you can chop it in small pieces. The general consistency of the finished dough should look poorly mixed and lumpy, especially for this it needs to be kneaded with a large metal spoon or with a mixer equipped with a special nozzle.The sequence is approximately as follows: first, beat the butter and sugar, then add the eggs, followed by filling the flour and pouring in the milk.
  • Stuffed muffins are perhaps the most delicious of the existing ones. The most popular options with berries, raisins and dried fruits, with bananas and other fruits. If you decide to use berries (well suited cranberries, blueberries, strawberries, strawberries, and so on), then fold them carefully so that the berries do not jam. Then mix them with two tablespoons of flour, it is also important to do it carefully, without undue crush. If you use frozen berries or fruits, remember that you do not need to defrost them beforehand, otherwise they may release the juice, causing the muffins to slacken.
  • How to check the availability of buns? Everything is very simple: they are ready when they have risen well and started moving away from the walls of their form. To the touch, they should be elastic, and a golden crust should appear on the surface of each muffin. If visually it is difficult for you to assess the degree of readiness, then for these purposes you can use a thin toothpick: stick it in the middle of the treat, if it comes out clean, then everything is ready.
  • Immediately after baking, muffins without filling should be laid out on the grill so that they do not get wet from the steam, but the varieties with chocolate, caramel or cream filling need to be left in the form for a few minutes so that they can harden.

Chocolate Muffins Recipe

Perhaps, one of the most widespread and favorite kinds of this sweet delicacy. What we need for it:

  • flour - 180-200 g;
  • sugar - 100 g;
  • cocoa - 50 g;
  • egg - 1 piece;
  • baking powder - 10 g;
  • milk - 150 ml;
  • vegetable oil - 60 ml;
  • a pinch of salt.

Mixer with a special nozzle, beat the egg, then add sugar and vegetable oil, mix everything thoroughly. Sift the flour, then add it to the prepared egg mixture together with a pinch of salt, cocoa and baking powder, beat the mixer thoroughly again until a homogeneous dough structure appears.


Prepared molds are pre-coated with butter, we lay out the dough in them, and then we send it to a preheated oven. The temperature of the baking is 200 °, the time is 20-25 minutes.

Cheesecake Muffins Recipe

What we need:

  • wheat flour - 200 g;
  • solid butter - 150 g;
  • soft cottage cheese - 200 g;
  • baking powder - 1 tsp;
  • sugar - 150-200 g (to taste);
  • egg - 3 pcs.

Together with sugar, lightly beat the eggs, then add chopped butter to the total mass, baking powder and continue to beat again, gradually adding the curd.

With chunks of chocolate

To make the muffins more tender, you can grind it beforehand. Next, add flour, all again carefully mix. Then we grease the molds, fill them with ready-made dough and send them to bake at a temperature of 180-200 ° for 20 minutes.

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