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How to cook meat in French?

Elena Shchugoreva
Elena Shchugoreva
July 9, 2014
How to cook meat in French?

Many novice hostesses, trying to please their relatives with an uncomplicated, but beautiful and tasty dish, ask how to cook meat in French. This flaky dish is great for a festive or family table, but it is fairly easy to prepare on weekdays; Both adults and children love it.

Basic recipe

In order to learn how to make meat in French, do not have to search for a long recipe. The dish is so popular that you just have to open any cookbook or simply call a more experienced hostess, as you immediately get several cooking options. But the basis of the recipe is always the same, only substitutions in the product set are possible. It should be understood that there is a recipe for classic cooking meat in French, as well as modern and quite interesting options.

The basis of the dish is always meat. It can be beef, pork, chicken, turkey, rabbit. Mutton is not recommended.For the garnish it is necessary to cook onions, potatoes, hard cheese, mayonnaise or sour cream, salt, pepper. To lubricate the form will need two or three tablespoons of vegetable oil.

Meat must be cut into pieces of any shape. It should be monitored only for their thickness: it should not exceed 1 cm. Lubricate the baking dish with sides 5-6 cm high, put the meat in one layer. Salt, pepper to taste.

Before you lay the layers of garnish, it is necessary to prepare the products. Potatoes should be peeled and cut into 2–3 mm thick slices, peeled off one or two onions and cut into half rings. Onions are put on a layer of meat; you can sprinkle it with apple cider vinegar. Then you should lay out a beautiful potato. It is salted, smeared thickly with sour cream or mayonnaise.

The form with the preparation of the dish is put in the oven, the temperature is adjusted to 180 degrees. The cooking process lasts 45-50 minutes. 7 minutes before the end of cooking, the mold is taken out, the dish is sprinkled with a thick layer of grated cheese (up to 7-10 mm). After the cheese has melted and covered the ingredients with a tasty golden crust, you can remove the meat from the oven and serve it to the table.To make the dish look beautiful, it is necessary to cool it slightly, cut it into portions with a sharp knife and transfer it to a plate with a spatula.

Watch and fantasize!

Learning how to make meat in French, watch a master class on any culinary site. Carefully review a photo of each stage of the creation of the dish, and after that you will have all the questions disappeared, because there is nothing difficult to prepare!

Based on this classic recipe, you can come up with a huge number of options. Add layers of food that your family loves: it can be a carrot or a chopped boiled egg. You can also use several types of meat, including bacon, bacon, and various smoked meats. If you are on a diet, replace potatoes with celery, meat - fish. But rest assured that there is nothing tastier than classic French meat.


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