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How to cook strudel?

Tamara Sidorova
Tamara Sidorova
July 31, 2012
How to cook strudel?

The name of this dish is quite unusual and intricate, which cannot be said about the process of its preparation. So, how to make strudel?

Before you start cooking the cake itself, you need to make the dough for which it is used: a pound of first-grade flour, one cup of warm water, two hundred grams of butter.

Cooking dough

Stir not very hard dough in boiled water, throw about fifty grams of butter into it, which is pre-salted. Knead the dough for a long time, rubbing it in every possible way for ten minutes. The resulting lump is divided into two equal parts, which are laid out in separate bowls, covered with a clean towel and insist for a quarter of an hour.

As soon as this procedure is completed, the most interesting will begin - pulling the dough. It is stretched in different directions with all its might, so that its ends are hung from the edges of the table. But in any case can not break the dough! Taste quality of the future strudel depends on the thickness of the dough.The height of dough in paper is considered the height of culinary skill. However, if you can not do this, do not despair.

The next step in making the cake is cutting the edges of the dough that have crept out of the table.

We form a roll

After that, you must again give the cake to insist for fifteen minutes, and then wait until they dry out. In order not to lose time, begin to melt the butter and uncork a jar of cherries, cleaning them from the seeds and squeezing the juice. You can use any jam, the main condition - the berries must be whole. Throw out the berries on the colander and wait for the juice to flow from them. After the specified time has elapsed, the dough is greased with a thin layer of already melted butter, and then the berries are laid out. Very carefully build from this roll and put on top of the remnants of melted butter.

Bakery products

Turn on the oven, stir the baking sheet with the remains of butter, put the resulting roll on it - strudel and bake.

And it should be done this way: 10 minutes at a very strong heat, then about half an hour at a moderate.The resulting cake is taken from the oven, and then wrapped with a towel. The table is served already chilled and cut into pieces. For originality, you can decorate each piece of cake with whipped cream.

Now you know how to make a strudel, and you can delight your loved ones with delicious pastries!


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