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How to create a flash?

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How to create a flash?

It seems to create your own flash game - the task is difficult and accessible only for specially trained professionals, but if you have imagination, desire and skillful hands, not everything is as hard as it seems. So, where do you start creating your own flash games?


The storyline of the game is where to start. If you do not know what your game will be about and what its goal is, then you probably shouldn’t take it up. In addition to the main plot, it is worthwhile to think over the world in which you place the game, and also to decide in which genre your flash game will be. Professionals are advised to start with arcades - they are the easiest to create.

It is good if your game, like a film or a book, will have a starting point, a main course of events and a final.

Game constructor

So, you have decided on the script and fully affirmed in the desire to create your own flash game. Now you need to download the game designer. There are plenty of them on the Internet, and each has its own specific features. Some designers are "sharpened" by creating one type of game, others are universal.The most famous "universal" include Adobe Flash. You can download the constructor from the official Adobe site. True, it will be a trial version that works for free for 30 days, but you can make it in time.

In the designer, you must first select a game template, and then create a variety of animation and static objects using the appropriate sections. In addition, you need to select the colors of the objects. If you decide to make an arcade, you will also need to adjust the levels of movement of the characters. There are a lot of settings in the constructor, you can “play” with them as you like - depending on the chosen genre.


Once you have finished modeling the game, you can start the debugger - this mode will offer you to go through your own game. Thus, its performance will be checked.

It is important to go through the game from and to, if you have created 100 levels, you have to go through them all yourself, because the problem can hide anywhere. You can also "experiment" on your friends.

Final touches

Come up with a name and a legend for your game, write a brief annotation. Using the same designer, create a spectacular screen saver.After that, the game can be laid out in the network and wait for fame and money.


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